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Super Bowl-ed Over

The House of Hope gathered to watch the Super Bowl last night. Our teams weren’t in it, but in this house we just love football. And when I say “we”, I mean Hubz and I.

Everyone knows that watching the Super Bowl requires (1) an abundance of food that is in the “sometimes” or, more accurately, the “just-apply-this-straight-to-my-muffin-top” pile, and (2) cold beverages. We had both, so I thought we were set.

Hubz turned on the last of the pregame as we got our apps ready. I couldn’t wait to partake of some cheesy breadsticks, crab rangoon dip, potato skins, and veggies. (Gotta make them a part of every meal–5 a day!) I set the coffee table up for our feast. On special occasions we can eat in front of the tv!

As pictures of prior Super Bowl winners flashed across the screen, Jake was kind enough to remind both Hubz and me that our teams were in the pictures, but NOT at the game. Gee, thanks, buddy.

We had to pause the action just as they were going to announce the Walter Payton Humanitarian Award winner. Demands were being made for lemonade, cold pizza– not the hot cheese sticks we had just made, some avocado (because the baby carrots, broccoli, and pea pods were just too pedestrian for Jake), and treats. We had to wait a few more minutes to start the game for a tantrum break, brought to us kindly by our resident 2.5 y.o.

Ten minutes later we were able to start the game. Enjoyable is not a word I’d use to describe it. Hubz and I scarfed down an app here and an app there between playing referee amongst the boys, answering the 50 billion off-topic questions, stating yet again that football was the show we were going to watch tonight, and attending to a really, really stinky diaper.

When the boys finished grazing…and none of the 3 ate much…the requests for treats started to drown out the game-again. I had had the brilliant idea to buy cupcakes. Cupcakes with red and blue frosting. Um, yeah….not one of my better ideas. Cole had frosting all over his face, hands, arm, Tate’s shoulder, and somehow, all over his own foot. Tate had frosting all over his nose and upper lip. As I cleaned them up, I prayed the dye would fade by morning.  (Wonder what the protocol is for reporting parents who send their child to school with what appears to be a 5 ‘o-clock shadow, but is, upon closer examination, blue dye??)

We had paused the game several times between our dinner and getting all 3 boys into bed. Whew! Hubz and I collapsed onto the couch. I intended to gorge on m & m’s, however, my head started throbbing, and all I wanted was some water and 2 ibuprofen!

We made it to the 4th quarter…and I checked my phone. Whoops…so the Giants were going to pull it off. Aha! We did stay up to watch the end of the game…it was so exciting! I am glad the Giants won.

We went right to bed, which in hindsight was a good idea…Tate woke up at 10:45 with a cough, so Hubz went in and fell asleep in there. Cole was up at 11:30 with the same thing. I had interrupted sleep as Cole and Tate hacked all through the night. I was in the middle of a sleep session when Jake came into my room at 5:50, hacking up a lung and informing me that he had a cough…in the case that his spit in my face wasn’t obvious enough.

Today we are all a bit sluggish, and we are all feeling ooky…for various reasons. I hope we feel better tomorrow.

Things that make you go Hmmm…

Yes, I ripped that off from C & C Music Factory. So what? Today I am not feeling overly witty or chatty. And it’s, like, the first thing that popped into my head, soooo there.

Thing 1: Tate kept asking for an Ant/Spider/Bee game on our phones this weekend. I went to the Android market and found an Ant Smash game. He said it was the one he wanted (he played it with his therapist, supposedly.), so I downloaded it. Gross. The bugs came down the screen and you had to smoosh ’em. And they had bug guts. Ick! While he was intrigued by smooshing ants, the bees scared the bejeebers out of him. To the point he was screaming in panic and trying to climb up my shoulders, shrieking, “I’m scared, I’m scared, the bees are scaring me.” Um, yeah, that game was deleted. Yet, he kept asking for it. What the..???

Thing 2: Jake lost his second tooth last night. Hubz had to pull it. The tooth was wriggly and barely hanging in there, but Jake refused to pull it out. When I was a kid, the prospect of 50 cents was enticing enough to prompt pulling, yanking, and a little blood to get a tooth out. PLUS, being an over-achiever, I wanted to lose the most teeth in my class. Sometimes, I just don’t fully understand my oldest son’s chill-fly attitude. I like it, just don’t really get it.

Thing 3: Cole had another mom – and – tot sport class today. The teacher had the kids playing floor hockey. 2- year- olds and big sticks (padded, but none – the- less, sticks) don’t mix. Cole insisted on riding his stick like a horse…another kid would have been called for checking and high-sticking, as he waved that stick in the air, waved it like he just don’t care…and a third child was auditioning for the role of Bam-Bam…yikes! Eventually, the teacher gave the kids whiffle balls, because the pucks were difficult to hit. Cole, then, tried to use his stick like a bat to play baseball. The class ended with 4 boys chasing each other, a little girl spinning in circles, and one kid sitting on the floor crying because he didn’t want to give up his hockey stick. Oh, and Cole laying on his tummy watching everything like it was free entertainment.

Thing 4: Why is it that every.single.time I am on the phone, every mammal in my household needs me, asks me questions, or requires assistance with bodily functions?! Huh? Why is it?! It is truly a phenomenon…Just once, I would love to have a conversation in which I don’t have to change a tv channel, fix a snack, open the slider so the dog can go out, wipe someone’s butt, or pantomime my answer to their question. Egads!

What makes you go, hmmm?!

Let the Sun Shine…

So, Tate had a “short-circuit” night. He had trouble falling asleep. He had trouble staying asleep. Hubz was up with him from 7:45-8:00, and then from 10:30-midnight. They invaded the cozy comfort of our bed, and Tate proceeded to twist, turn, hum, mumble, and crack his neck (one of the worst sounds ever) for 3 more hours. He may have dozed off, but not sure.

At 3 am, I pulled Tate into his room, and thanking God that we put a double bed in there, we climbed in. I told him that I was going to sleep. He fought at first, and then grabbed his stimming stick, crawled under his Spiderman and duckie blankies, flipped my hair, and ultimately fell asleep. We were out cold until 7:15 when Jake came in to announce the time in one of those, “why-the-hell-are-you-not-up-yet” tones…

I sprung into action. I managed to get myself dressed, all 3 kids dressed and fed, Tate’s writing homework done, and backpacks packed in 45 minutes, by which time we went outside to burn energy before the bus came. Whew!

With every fiber of my being I want to be a crabby, witchy mess. However, God blessed us by sending nothing but blue skies, sunshine and thin, wispy clouds our way. I can’t help but smile and be happy.

Oh, and have hope that tonight we will ALL get some much-needed shut-eye….

Say “When”…

I wish that Tate could just say “when” if things are getting to be too much. By now Hubz and I are more adept at knowing when it’s “when”….but dang it, if he could just say it.

This weekend we had some turmoil, and routine went out the window. Hubz’s uncle passed away after a battle with cancer and a bought of pneumonia. My mother-in-law stayed with us during the hectic last days.

All of us juggled and reprioritized our days. It was not easy, but especially so for Tate. He was a trooper, though. He tried to keep up with the rest of us. He tried to take it in stride when plans changed and we had to switch gears. He even tried to play amongst the children who gathered outside and in the basement while parents and relatives talked in hushed tones in the family room.

He bobbed up the stairs once, asking for me. I waved. He bobbed up a second time, holding a stick and began to stim with it. He resurfaced a third time, stimming with two sticks (one in each hand), and got himself the Xoom tablet. He was holding on for dear life. He tried Angry Birds. He tried Wubbzy on YouTube. He tried Imagination Movers. Nothing was doing the trick. I looked up, and he was gone, vanished into the noise coming from the basement.

Hubz went in after him. Hubz came back upstairs alone. “He’s buried under a blanket…prepping himself for a nap.” Whew.

A short time elapsed, and all kids came streaming upstairs and outside. Tate came up with them. So much for a nap…and that’s when we should have said “when”, but didn’t.

My poor kiddo lost his marbles. Over something as silly as a shovel. He really lost it. Hitting. Throwing. Screaming. Crying. Snot running down his face. He lost it. I lost it. My heart was breaking as my brave boy unraveled, as he plunged into the depths of frustration. I could feel the looks. I could feel shame creep over me. Why did I make him hang with the kids? (He wanted to.) Why didn’t I pull him into the room with me and give him a break? Why didn’t I give him quiet? Ughhh..

Thankfully the breakdown didn’t last long…and thankfully it didn’t derail him permanently for the day. But I hate that it had to happen. Hate that my boy had to drown in overstimulation before we rescued him…all because we thought maybe he knew enough to say when…but still doesn’t. Someday, sweet boy…someday…

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