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Friday Frustrations


We’ve had “the crud” since we came back from Thanksgiving. Jake started it. Then Cole went down. Tate became “the snot-erator” yesterday, and my throat started tingling when I made dinner last night. Between the germs, Lysol fumes, and lack of sleep, I think frustrations are running pretty high at the House Of Hope right now….

Instance #1:
We found out that Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Bird Rio have new updates. I downloaded both last night. Angry Birds Seasons is “Wreck the Halls” (hmm, should have reserved that one, as it is my boys’ motto). It is an Advent Calendar. One new level opens every day.

Jake, our Angry Birds savant, played it on my phone and quickly garnered 3 stars. He’s a frickin’ genius with this game! However, when he tried to open Level 2, it said, “Available in 4 hours, 26 minutes.” He threw a pitch-fit. He, dare I say, growled at me!?! I told him to take a chill pill and play Rio…thankfully he did and that crisis was averted.

Instance #2(See picture):
We have an elf. Alfie keeps an eye on the boys…making sure that they behave and stay on the “nice” list. Alfie is a goofball. Last night, he chose to do his Cirque du Soleil act on our kitchen fan. This is the same fan that Tate stims with…he loves to watch the blades spin on all 3 speeds…”too fast”, “too bonky”, and “too slow”. Yeah.
Anyway, Tate was none-too-pleased to see Alfie dangling from his fan this morning. Oops. He admonished the elf, too.
“Alfie, we do not hang on the fan. Get off of there. Now! Shoo, shoo!”
Alfie, um, didn’t respond. Tate asked me to get him down. I told him that I couldn’t touch him. Tate whined, then grunted at me. He gave up, though, which made me not-so-regretful of Alfie’s placement.

Instance #3:
Cole screamed half-the-way to Jake’s school this morning because I wouldn’t let him have a fruit snack. Because I didn’t have a fruit snack in the car with me. He screamed, kicked, thrashed in his seat…in other words, he was being 2. I may have yelled at him. I may have reverted to acting like a toddler myself. All in front of the neighbor kid. Oops. Oh, well…I’m over it. Cole was over it by the time we left the carpool line at school.

So, um, yeah….frustrations are high. I think we all need the weekend, some down-time, some R&R….and for “the crud” to disappear. I hope it happens….

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