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Your Hands are Full!

Anyone with small children has probably heard this seemingly harmless phrase from other adults. The adults are typically older, possibly “wiser”, and often child-free as they watch the parent(s) trying to wrangle their offspring.

Many times, I will smile sheepishly and mutter something in agreement. All while thinking, hmm, um, want to lend a hand?! Then, as the bystander continues to watch me struggle, s/he will add the brilliant commentary, “3 boys, huh? That keeps you busy.” No shit, Sherlock. If you only knew…ever hear about Autism? Now THAT keeps you busy!

People, any parent has their hands full…it kind of comes with the territory. For what it’s worth, I know plenty of parents with ONE kid who are flippin’ busy…please stop stating the obvious.

Last Saturday I picked up some groceries. I also bought a bottle of wine. In making small talk with the cashier, we discussed having children, and I mentioned the 3 boys. As she bagged my groceries, she asked if one bottle was enough…cuz, you know, 3 boys and their antics are enough to drive anyone to drink. (Although, some days…)

I love when people ask me about the boys’ ages. I get some perverse joy in watching the fear in their eyes as I tell them that the boys are 8, 5, and 2. I can only imagine what would happen if I threw in that my oldest is surely ADHD, my 2nd born has Autism, and my 3rd born is an evil genius in the throes of the “terrorizing-two-and-a-halfs. Commence head explosion in 5…4…3….

Anyway, I am writing this to remind myself to NOT state the obvious someday. This is my reminder to my future self to offer that helping hand as I watch a mom in her mid-30’s try to juggle one in the cart, 2 on the ground, and several bags of groceries as she attempts to bribe her kids with Skittles and the promise of a tv show once they get home.

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