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10 Things I Think

I had an entire post written, then I hit a key and it disappeared into oblivion. #$%^!! I am exhausted, thanks to the shenanigans of a not-to-be-named 2 y.o….but he knows who he is…little scoundrel!

So, since I am tired and cannot fully remember what I was rambling about, here are 10 things floating through my mind today….

1. Tate is handling ABA therapy relatively well today. Guess that’s what happens when he actually sleeps at night.

2. I could give a rodent’s backside about the teams in the Super Bowl this year. Really?? Patriots….again?? I really don’t like Belichik (or however you spell his name). You are the freakin’ head coach of a powerhouse team…and you dress like a hobo…plus, you are not the nicest guy, either. And the Giants?? They knocked my team out. Phooey!

3. A tall skinny mocha from Starbucks isn’t half bad! It is only 3 Weight Watcher points and has all of the caffeinated, chocolate-y goodness a sleep-deprived girl could want. Bonus?? It masks the bitterness of S’Bucks coffee!

4. I attempted to vacuum today. I was going to get under the couch, but a huge dust bunny, who I will call “George” fashioned a ninja star out of some stale cheeze-its. It wasn’t worth the battle today. I let Cole aid and abet “George” with a Space Shape Goldfish purple rocketship. I can get the bugger tomorrow.

5. I would love it if my left eye would stop twitching. I hate this feeling. This happens when I am extremely overtired. Thanks, Cole…um, I mean “child-who-shall-not-be-named”…

6. Not to get into politics much, but how the heck did Newt win South Carolina?!

7. I abhor laundry. I do. I put away 4 loads of it today. It’s never-ending. I cannot wait until my kids learn to do their own.

8. Wish the sun was outside. It is damp and gray. The snow is melting, dirty and ugly. It is just crummy.

9. I absolutely love the sound of Tate’s laughter. It is infectious. Even though I want to walk around with a storm cloud today, I hear him laughing with his therapist and it makes my heart grow…and clears up the storm cloud. Happiness is…

10. I read Diary Of a Mom’s Post today, http://adiaryofamom.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/a-thousand-more-nights/. I then saw a tweet from Stimey about Susan @whymommy and showing support for her. http://teachmama.com/2012/01/show-your-love-for-whymommy-join-us.html
I don’t know Susan, but have periodically read her blog. She is an inspiration. She has been in my thoughts and prayers today. Knowing the awfulness that cancer is, my heart breaks for her…and I pray. Like Jess at DOAM, even though so much of the day to day is mundane and annoying, I am so very grateful for it. That I have the ability to cuddle with my wired, non-sleepy child at 3 in the morning, that I could giggle with Tate as he played with the vacuum after school, that I bickered with Jake over his addiction to Plants vs. Zombies. I am lucky…very lucky…

Thankful Wednesday

We are incredibly blessed. In spite of all of the bumps and lumps we have endured, we are just…blessed.

We have 3 beautiful boys. Hubz and I created them out of love…and they are so loved. Quirks and all. I know we are charged with teaching them and preparing them for life…but ironically they have taught us so much. Patience. Tolerance. Acceptance. Love.

We have a beautiful home. It’s full of stuff, heirlooms, dirt, dust, and memories. I wouldn’t trade the memories we have there for anything. The cabinets in the kitchen, maybe, but not our memories.

We have supportive family. They love us, cheer us on, and they care. What more can we ask for??

We have friends who help us hang on in the rough times, and celebrate the good ones. Some have been with us since the beginning, some just recently. They help us connect to who we are.

We have many, many people and intangible things to be thankful for…and while the next couple of days stress thankfulness, I continue to be grateful every day…

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