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Dinner Celebration

Last night I had dinner with 3 of my favorite little guys. Hubz had to work late, so Jake, Tate, and Cole had dinner with me.

When I am flying solo at dinner, some minor details may be forgotten as I shuffle between making dinner, setting the table, helping Cole get a drink of water, wiping Tate’s runny nose, and answering Jake’s questions. (For a kid who struggles with wh- questions, he sure knows how to ask them!)

I managed to get the four of us to the table, with relatively hot food on our plates. I breathed a sigh of relief. Jake began to say grace, when Tate began to interrupt us. I gave him my best “wait-until-we-are-done-praying” look. He kept trying to interject. I lifted my finger to my lips; he shoo’d it away. We finished the prayer.

We, we, we, we..
Take your time, Tate…it’s ok.
We, we…we need forks!

Sure enough, I had forgotten to put forks on the table. I remedied that situation quickly. As I sat back down, Tate looked me in the eye and he smiled.

We…we….we…..we need napkins, Jake and I.
Oh, no! I forgot! Here you go! (Oh.muh.gawd…he engaged AND asked appropriately AND used proper grammar!)

We started to eat, and I asked what everyone’s favorite part of the day had been. Jake liked going to the library. Tate liked “doing Maggie hairs”…which means he like vacuuming. Cole liked playing blocks with me. I liked how they were all so happy.

After a bite of peas, which I encouraged, Tate raised his smoothie and said, “cheers, Mom”. I clinked my pop can with his cup. Then Cole had to get in on the action. When he asked Tate to “cheers”, Tate looked at him, smiled, and clinked cups with him!! To say I was thrilled is an understatement.

The boys continued to raise their cups in “cheers” for the remainder of dinner. I wanted to change my favorite part of the day. For me, the best part was watching all three of my sons interact and enjoy their time together.

We finished our meal, and Jake helped me clear the table. (By the way, I am loving this growing up thing …a little bit.) He brought over Cole’s plate and said, “Mommy, it’s so cool when Tate is happy and isn’t so crazy. It was fun tonight.”  I told him that I like that, too. I thanked him for his help, and asked him to please keep an eye on Cole while I finished up the dishes. He ran off.

Some nights are really rough, especially when Hubz is not around to help deflect some of the acting out, or some of the other chaos that ensues at night. Last night, though, was not. I have learned to appreciate those kinds of nights….those are the ones that get me through the tough ones full of meltdowns, bickering, and food strikes.

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