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Mostly Wordless Wednesday-Spring Version


Lacrosse has started again. Jake is in white–the third from the right. It has been encouraging to watch him blossom on the field this year.


With our late spring weather, Cole and I have taken advantage of our time together to visit the parks around our neighborhood. He loves shuffling along the woodchips to make paths.


Tate has started playing with the hose. If we let him, and if we could afford it, he’d be out there all day with the hose, a few bricks, and some other water toys.


Yesterday was fabulous. I decided to get some color on my pasty-white skin. That color was pink, but at least it was a start.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Seriously…it’s been raining and pouring for a few days. We get a day off, and then it rains and pours some more. I know the whole, “April showers bring May flowers” adage, but seriously…I don’t recall, “April deluges bring May mosquitoes.” And we all know that is so what is going to happen.

In many ways I am happy to see the rain. It is making everything so nice and green. The lawns are starting to look lush. The trees and flowers are sprouting and budding. Last year was so dry that we were begging for precipitation. Flowers came up and immediately were scorched. I feel like we just get extremes anymore. Either it’s so dry that the grass turns brown and spikey and causes puncture wounds if one tries to walk on it…or one needs to go buy a dingy to get around the neighborhood. Middle ground would be nice…as would dry ground, right about now.

Lacrosse practice was mucky and muddy on Tuesday. It is cancelled tonight. Half of the soccer fields in our area are under water, too. Baseball and softball practices have been allowed in the outfield only..and the fields are sporting some nice mini-ponds right now. This Saturday is “opening day”. Not sure how that’s going to go. Tate’ s soccer game will likely be called off on Saturday, as Hubz said the field is a swamp right now. One thing we don’t need is our sensory-seeker in a swamp. Talk about caked-on mud. Yuck.

I have been sitting in our kitchen listening to the sump pump go on and off about every 3 minutes. Of course, the rain stopped for a bit, so then it was like every 6 minutes. I am praying that the motor doesn’t burn out…and that the battery on the back-up is ready to go…just in case. I checked the weather map and it looks like the cell of rain and storms is passing by…and I hope it does without any further rain today.

We are water-logged. We are itching to get outside to run and jump and play. This morning there was just a light sprinkle going on while we waited for Tate’s bus (it got re-routed as our street was closed on one side because it was covered with water). The boys splashed and jumped and found worms. Even Tate. He did fine with little worms…even holding one in his hand at one point. The gigantic, fat earthworm freaked him out, though, and he begged Hubz to send it home. (No worms were harmed *much* during this outing…Hubz put the juicy earthworm in the mulch to find its way back home.)

So, we wait it out…and are grateful that we are not under water…that would not be cool. Praying for a little less precip over the next few days…whew.


Tate holding a worm…which is new and wonderful.


Jake enjoying the drizzle…and staying away from his loud brothers.


Hubz, Tate and Cole bringing me the fine specimen of an earthworm…big, fat and juicy. Ah, rainy day fun.

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