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I’m a fan

Here is an insight into my personality…I am competitive. Very competitive. And..I like to win. (Who doesn’t??). Unfortunately, I am not the most athletic person in the world. When I attempt to play sports, I am feisty and scrappy, and may come at you like a spider-monkey, but natural athleticism is not synonymous with my being. And I’m ok with that….mainly because I can be a fan. 

I love team sports. Watching a group of people work together to achieve a common goal draws me in. It can be inspiring and breathtaking and gut-wrenching and disappointing. I feel like we can learn a lot from watching a team, and I truly appreciate what they accomplish, as I am just not able to achieve physical feats like they can. 

I am a hockey fan. Also? A Blackhawks fan. (I know, it’s easy right now..but I do enjoy the sport. I went to my college team’s games back in the day. I went to Hawks games when they couldn’t fill the United Center. I know that it’s called a sweater–not a jersey.) There is something about watching those guys do what they do on the ice. I am in awe of them. Truly. I may not watch every game, but I follow them throughout the season–the ups, the downs, the losses the wins.

This shortened season has been one heckuva ride for us Blackhawk fans. There was the amazing, unprecedented start to the season. There was the hype There was the President’s Cup. Then, the playoffs.

The playoffs have been incredible. The Hawks were almost eliminated by Detroit. They trailed the series 3-1..and came back to win it. They fought hard against the Kings. They had so many overtime victories…but they got it done.

The Stanley Cup Finals were one of those hard-fought playoff series that I love. The Blackhawks and the Bruins really fought to the finish. They were so evenly matched. (As evidenced by the 3 overtime games, 6-5 shootout last week, and to-the-very-end finish of Game 6 last night.) It has been quite an adventure to follow this team during the post-season. A rewarding one, though, and I’ll take it.

I have hockey hangover today. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I was so excited. I was up too late watching post-game interviews and revelry. But it was worth it…because Lord Stanley is coming back to Chi-town!! We need to bask in this glory…because the heavens know, the Cubs and Sox are going nowhere fast…and well, the Bears?? Yeah…..I’m a Packer fan for a reason.

I’m off to get some coffee and rest a bit while I have a little quiet time. (Tate is in an ABA session, Jake is at summer school, and Cole is at preschool day camp.) Happy Day, all!


Start ‘Em Early

Yesterday Cole and I started a Mommy and Me sport tot class at a local YMCA. He is the only one of my 3 kids who has shown any true interest in playing sports. He started saying “baseball” before he mastered his brothers’ names!

He needs exposure to kids his own age, especially because he thinks he’s 8. I figured this half hour class would be worth it. Sports + 2 y.o.’s = fun…right?

So we got to the class and prepared for our half hour of sporty fun. During the stretches, which were hilarious, I looked around the group. What a hodge podge: 7 boys and 1 girl, 2 dads, 3 moms, 1 grandma, and 1 grandpa. Of course, the 2 dads in the group were seeing visions of super athletes dance in their heads.

The instructor decided to start with soccer. Most of the children, being 2 and all, were not so interested in kicking, but rather rolling on the floor. A few got the idea, but were quick to change gears. Cole liked laying on the ball. Must have been comfy. I was able to get him to kick the ball by holding his hands, but then he would pick it up and throw it. Whatever…he’s 2.

The one dad was already lamenting that his kid wasn’t FIFA material. He yelled at his 2.5 year old because he “wasn’t trying hard enough”. The dad threatened leaving, no snack, and suspension of driving privileges in 14 years. ( I may be exaggerating a bit…but I am sure the poor kid felt that way.) The skirmish ended with both dad and son pouting on the sideline. C’mon, really?! It’s a half hour class at the Y. Some people take things waaayyyy too seriously. Not everyone is the next David Beckham!

Having a kid with needs puts so much in perspective. I don’t need a star althlete. I am proud that my kid can understand the directions and keeps up appropriately….Cole had fun. He loved running around, playing with kids his age, and fun time with Mommy. We’ll be back for more…and I will probably have more stories to share.

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