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Nothing very exciting is going on today….kind of a ho-hum day, if you ask me. I don’t have much to share…well, my kids are up to a few new shenanigans, which I will share below…and you may not find them particularly interesting, but I want to remember these for “some day” when I will find them more amusing…

For instance, Cole’s latest phrase is “stop touching me”. Usually this is screamed at the top of his lungs. He pulled this one out when we were at the library yesterday. I was trying to get him down from a precarious position (while other moms looked at me with that smug “my kid would never…”)and he belts it out. Fantastic. He followed it with, “my boo-boo hurts.” Yep, I fully anticipate DCFS to be at my door any moment…

Tate’s got a new pastime. He begs for microwave popcorn. When I relent, after about 20 minutes of perseveration on the topic, he happily unwraps the cellophane, puts the bag in just right, and presses the popcorn button. He does a little dance as he watches it spin right round baby, right round… When it’s done, he excitedly pulls it out and asks me to put it in a bowl.  The little stinker grabs handfuls and “accidentally” drops it on the floor. This gives him the perfect excuse to pull out the vacuum to drive us all further into insanity.

Last, but not least, we have Jake’s obsession with Plants vs. Zombies. He always has his DS in his hands…and if that’s not around, he uses the game  on my or Hubz’s phones. Sometimes he will just stare at You Tube videos of the different levels. He even brings it into the bathroo–ok, TMI there. Let’s just say I spray the DS with Lysol when he’s at school.

So, yeah…we may have some stuff that’s “new”…but nothing that is overly exciting, except maybe to us…or even not, as the case may be…although, well, Tate seems pretty darn excited about his popcorn/vacuum strategy…

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