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Few Words Friday…

Well, Tate got sent home from school today. He’s sporting a 99.6 fever, has a hacking cough, and incredibly runny nose. He is roaming the house, whining, and wiping his nose on anything that suits his fancy. I am tired of using our Lysol and Lysol wipes. My hands are cracked and smell of disinfectant. Cole needs much attention, too, because, well, don’t we all when our siblings are feeling under the weather?? I had grand plans for today…and instead, I’m being summoned to the family room to play Skylanders Giants…and I am terrible at that game. Send good thoughts. I’d hate to teach my kids some new vocabulary today.

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Tate came home sick today. I knew I shouldn’t have sent him this morning, but he had no fever and wanted to go. *sigh*

Here is how our day is going…


Watching fans on YouTube.


Tate is in control.


Wearing shorts with a Spiderman blanket nearby…and current favorite stimmy in his other hand.


Disney Junior. And then Nick Jr. And then Disney Junior.

Hubz is home with a sinus infection, too. And Cole is begging for attention. Fun times here…fun times.

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