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I am feeling better, so what better way to celebrate than to write about my boys’ shenanigans…

The downside to being outnumbered 4 to 1 in a household is that I don’t often “get” how certain things can be funny. Like passing gas on your brother’s head. Once, maybe, but daily?! C’mon already….learn some control…or at least stop wrestling while you feel the urge. Or how using potty talk at the table can be so frickin’ hi-larious. Everybody poops, kids….moving on…

And, why is it that all 4 of my boys…yep, Hubz gets roped into this category, get so riled up in the hour and a half before bedtime?! Is it the energy from dinner? A release from having to be “on” all day?? Whatever it is, all 4 of them run, jump, wrestle, and act like hyper-versions of themselves.

Tate likes to ask for a snack–Cheeze-it Snack Mix, to be precise. He takes the bowl into the family room and “spills” it on the floor. Suddenly, he needs to vacuum the mess. The vacuum has become a stimming device. I have to hide it from him some days.

Cole appears to be trying to give up naps. I need him to nap. He needs it. The problem is that he is demanding that no less than 5 books go with him in the crib when it’s time. Now the little terrorist “reads” for 10 minutes and has figured out how to reach his light switch. He turns the light on and busies himself to stay awake. Then he starts shouting for me. (Anyone ever see that Family Guy with Stewie and Lois, “mom, mom,mom,mommy, momma…”?? Yep, for a half an hour.)

Yesterday afternoon we went to the library. Tate got a Zaboomafoo DVD. These were made in the late 90’s, and they are fun and informative about animals. The episode that was playing mentioned that some monkey likes melons. So Tate, liking the sound of the word, starts shouting out, “Meeeeell-ooohhhnssss, meeeell-ooohhhnsss”. He sounded like a frat boy at some of the college bars establishments I frequented heard about back when I was young and ridiculous in college.

The boys were bummed out because Hubz had to work late last night. I was bummed because I had to get all 3 of them bathed…by myself. (See, Hubz and I have worked out an arrangement..I clean up after dinner and make Jake’s lunch, and he bathes “the chaos”.)  So, we went upstairs and I put “the chaos” in the tub. I showered them off, and got them soaped up. As I was helping Tate rinse off, Jake screamed out in pain. Cole, um, accosted Jake in a private place, and Jake was none-too-thrilled. The following ensued:

Me: Cole, do NOT pinch your brother’s (body part).
Cole: laughs maniacally
Jake: I’m gonna get you, you little squicker. (Jumps out of tub and is so over the process of bathing.)
Tate: Pee-pee..(giggle) Pee-pee…(giggle, giggle)
Me: All right, we are done. DONE! Get your pj’s on….

So, shenanigans…yeah….We never have a dearth of shenanigan-like activities here…

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