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I am fighting the cold that my beautiful boys decided to share with me. We are all sniffle-y, cough-y, and cold-induced fog-y around here. As we prep for our spring break, I have numerous topics rambling through my head. Figured I’d try to get them out here.

1. We have three boys. Three amazingly gifted and talented boys. Ironically, when I tell people that I have three boys, almost everyone jumps to the conclusion, “Oh, you have your hands full.” Well, yes, I do…but don’t we all? We are all busy and trying to balance schedules and trying to find the perfect alignment of boundaries, expectations, and abilities. I usually answer, “Yes, but I’m sure you have a lot going on, too.”

2. Along with the having three boys thing, I am often asked which sports they enjoy. I know it is a gender stereotype. Boys love sports. When we found out Jake was a boy, Hubz was anxious to share his love of football and college basketball and his moderate knowledge of baseball with him. Jake is probably as interested in sports as I am in scuba diving. That is to say, we know they exist, and we’d prefer to not have to do them. Aside from swimming, which Jake finds to be calming and relaxing, he doesn’t have much need for sports. He doesn’t even really like watching them. At first, I was a little upset by this because, well, I love to watch sports. I am not very athletic, so I understand not wanting to play…but not wanting to watch?! What? But, it’s all good. I know he has his own passions and interests, and I try to help him enjoy such things.

3. This leads me to the next thought. I just signed Jake up for a Saturday morning zookeeper class. He is going to L-O-V-E, LOVE it!! He’ll be squeaky and flappy and jumpy and oh-so-engaged. And to see him be happy makes me happy. I am thrilled that we found a program relatively nearby that encourages kids to take an active role in nurturing animals and caring for them. I truly believe that we may have a future zookeeper in our midst. Now he can see what it feels like to be one!!!!

4. Tate is my hero. I know I’ve said it before, but I just had to put it out there again. This kid. Where do I start….he tackles all of his obstacles (even when he’s not feeling well) and finds ways to overcome some of the most frustrating situations. He is like a Goonie. He never says die. He just keeps plugging along. He has frustrations, he has regressions, and he has times when he just wants to do his thing, but knows he has to do homework or go to therapy…and he does it (with minimal grumbling). And, even when things are really, really hard for him and we think he is going to totally fall apart, he totally doesn’t. He pulls it together, uses those ever-growing language skills and tells us that he needs to get away from the overwhelming. Needs to have some squishes to help him feel better. Needs to sleep with us because he is not feeling well. Just amazeballs. He shows up every day, knows that things are not going to be easy, and he STILL has a smile on his face and a giggle waiting in reserves. I need to approach my “hard stuff” like he does.

5. Cole is becoming such a big typical-ish kid!!! In September this child would not tell us what any letters were, would not write his name, would not point out numbers, and he often needed help with getting undressed/dressed, etc. Now? He recognizes and knows the sounds of most of his letters, knows numbers up to 25, can rote count up to 15, is understanding basic addition, and often pretends he’s a superhero and changes his clothes and does his “taa-daa” reveal to show us how he gets changed out of one outfit and into another. He’s doing so well!

6. In the interest of fostering my kiddos’ passions, we are attempting to visit Legoland over Spring Break next week. Our local-ish Legoland isn’t very big, and incredibly over-priced, and I know that I’ll end up paying exorbitant amounts for a set of Legos as we leave through the gift shop, but I also know how much all of my boys (especially Cole) will love it. And to see the enjoyment on their faces will be worth the second mortgage on our house…almost. 🙂

7. We’ve already received positive feedback about Jake’s use of the iPad at school. Whoo-freakin’-hooo!!! Technology can do wonders…really. When harnessed appropriately, it can help the weakest students find some success. I am so glad that we tried this route. Now he can be just like his classmates…and he’s enjoying grade-level books!! (About animals, but still…he’s loving the reading and using his class time to engage in literature!)

8. Hubz and I are having a date night this Saturday. I am so excited. It’s been months since we last got out sans children. We are going to Cooper’s Hawk for some delicious food and some fantastic wine. We also plan on doing a little shopping for ourselves, and then possibly watching a movie. I’m grateful for Hubz’s parents, who really “get” that we need a break now and then and are willing to take the boys overnight. I also get a full night’s sleep out of this deal. There is no greater gift…I mean, really.

Well, I have more cycling through my head, but I have to jet. I have a barre burn class at our Y to get to…not sure if you’ve ever tried ballet-type exercises to tone your body. I really enjoy it. This instructor is kind of part Pilates/part ballet. I find it relaxing…but my muscles don’t. They hate me the next day…but it does seem to work. So, there’s that. Have a great weekend!!!

10 Things Thursday

Editor’s Note: Today is the second straight day that we have a forecast of more than 100 degrees Farenheit. I’m feeling sluggish and scattered, so, here are 10 things I’m thinking about today, in no particular order. Stay cool.

10. I can’t believe that we are 5 weeks in to summer break already!! Tate’s day camp is over after tomorrow’s session. Jake is done with summer school tomorrow. Time is flying, and I’m not even having that much fun!! I will take it, though. This means I only have 7 more weeks of summer break where all 3 boys are home most of the time.

9. I need to get Cole on the potty-training train. He starts preschool in September. They don’t do diapers. He was all excited to go on the potty like his brothers about a month and a half ago. Now, not so much. I asked if he wanted to wear big-boy underwear yesterday. He said, “No, I wear my elephant diapers!!” (We buy our diapers from Costco, and the size he wears has a cutesy elephant on the front of the diaper.) Little stubborn stinker!! This may be a looonggg couple of months!

8. Target was putting out their school supplies on Monday morning when I was doing a little shopping. I. Love. School. Supplies. I am such a mega-dork, and I don’t care. I don’t even buy them sometimes…I just love to go and browse. I get downright giddy as I see what characters and pictures adorn the current versions of notebooks, folders, pencil pouches, and such. I love pens, too. I like to check out the lunch boxes, and water bottles, and the newness of it all. There is definitely a spark of excitement that courses through my veins when we approach this time of year. Our district allows us to buy the box o’ supplies in the spring, but I abstain. I actually enjoy buying the supplies for my boys.

7. I’m hot. The thought of cooking or planning a meal for my family is repulsive, quite honestly. I’m glad we have leftovers from our bar-b-que so I don’t have to worry about tonight. As for the rest of the week, I hope some veggies and chips suffice as a meal. I’ll throw a piece of cheese on their plates and call it a day.

6. Jake is becoming more independent! I have been encouraging him to do more for himself, and thankfully, he seems to be taking it on without an issue. He’s getting his own water and juice, asking for, and retrieving his own snacks, he’s operating the tv remote (I thought that was ingrained in the male brain…but no, we had to teach him how to use the universal remote), he’s picking out his own clothes, he’s putting his laundry away, he’s showering on his own, and is handling his personal hygiene without me having to breathe down his neck all of the time. I could get used to this!

5. It’s just not fair that kids with sensory disorder get colds. Tate is fighting a summer cold. Both of the others had it, sniffled a bit, had a little cough, and were good to go. Poor Tate is struggling. He gets mega head colds, and his system is over-done when he gets a cough. The cough started yesterday. It’s heart-wrenching to watch him fight with his own body to stifle the cough because he cannot stand the sensation. That throws him into sensory disaster, too. At least he was able to find some calm while playing with the hose yesterday…it took his mind off of his runny nose and cough.

4. Scheduling play dates is rough! Part of Tate’s current program schedule for therapy includes peer play. I have to schedule play dates with some kids we know so that the therapists can facilitate appropriate play. I know that so many people lament the over-scheduling of today’s youth..and I am seeing that up close and in person! I have sent out emails, and so far, everyone I have hit up for a play date is busy when we’re free, and free when we’re busy. I’m going mad!! On top of it, the director of Tate’s ABA therapy gave me a strict talking to about the importance of play dates. Well, hel-lo, I know that. I’m trying…I really am. I think she should have to schedule these,then. Yeesh!

3. Our geriatric dog is not doing so well. I know the extreme heat bothers all creatures, but she’s a mess. She turned 12 in early June, and she’s not eating much, she sleeps most of the day, and she’s really, really hobbling about now. Hubz and I know that the dreaded vet visit is coming…sooner than later…and it’s so hard to make that final call. She was our first foray into caring for something else other than ourselves. In so many ways she prepared us for the plunge into parenthood. It breaks my heart that she’s suffering so right now…and it makes me tear up when I think about losing her.

2. I got a couple of emails recently from the NFL network about fantasy football. Training camp isn’t that far away!! I am soooo excited about the prospect of football season starting in a couple of months. I think that is getting me through the doldrums of summer. I love a good game of football..both collegiate and professional. My collegiate team has been meh, and we have a new coach this year. I’m not too sure what to expect. I think I’ll go in with moderate expectations and see what happens from there. Even though I’m not from there, I am a huge Green Bay fan. I’m getting excited for our season this year!

1. I got a copy of Kate Winslet’s Golden Hat Project book from the library. It was an interesting read. I was amazed by the back-story of the book. I was even more amazed by the number of celebrities who donned the hat for a good cause. I enjoyed reading their statements. While there are some celebrities who are ignorant and use Autism as a derogatory word or reference, it is reassuring to see that so many more people who are in a position of influence support the Autistic community, recognizing that they should be treated with respect and dignity, and not as some punchline.*

*I read this book of my own volition. I wasn’t asked to read it or comment on it…just was intrigued, and checked out a copy from my local library. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, I would recommend it. And so-called celebrities that continue to use “autistic” as a derogatory word can go fly a kite. Different, not less, people. That is all. Carry on.

Random Rambling

As I sit on the couch next to Hubz while he plays Skyrim, I figured why not post some of my random ramblings….better than getting pulled into the ultimate timesuck that is Angry Birds!

We went to the library this morning. I rather enjoyed going at 9:15, when almost no one else was around. It was quiet, the children’s area was still clean and tidy, and best of all, all 4 computers in the child’s area were free. This meant that Tate could have “his” computer. See, like so many other kids who fly in “the spectrum”, Tate has to have sameness. He has to use the same objects in the same place every.single.time. We have fled many-a-visit to the library after a meltdown has ensued because “Tate’s” computer is taken, and the user is either oblivious to my little stalker or just plain messing with the kid who flaps and rigidly paces back and forth while saying just a little too loudly that he wants that computer.

Today’s visit went smoothly. All 3 boys got to enjoy their favorites at the library, I got my pick of the freshly re-shelved books, and they each got one DVD. LOVE it when things go well.

Tate had ABA today. While he was working with his therapist, Cole napped. I used the time free with Jake to tackle some homework his teacher sent for the 3 days he was out. Suffice it to say that I would hate to think what it would have been like had we gotten “real” work. He had easy fluff work, since it was the 3 days before winter break.

The way Jake carried on, it’s like I made him scour the dictionary to write and define the 12 words he had to create from the phrase, “Happy Winter Holiday”. (By the by, I am so not kidding…that was the phrase…gotta love public school!) Then I had the audacity to ask him to do 3/4 of the “Holiday Fun Packet”. Oh the horror!! Know what? Now you’re going to be shocked, but Jake lived! He was able to read one of the books from the library AND he got to watch some of his DVD, too.

He told me he was proud of me because I let him watch a DVD. Mom of the Year, huh?! Aim high, I always say….(honestly, Jake has expressive speech issues, so I know he was saying he was happy that I let him have fun, too…but I’ll take the proud statement…it all works out in my favor in the end…)

Finally, tonight Hubz got a bit annoyed with me, as I was feverishly picking up clutter in preparation of the cleaning service that is coming tomorrow. “Cleaning for the cleaners” seems redundant to him….but they have to clean our crud…I don’t need them picking up our crap clutter, too. He noticed my annoyance as he surfed the web on his phone. He asked if I needed help, and I said I did. He pitched in, and all is done. I apologized for getting snippy, he said it was ok…and we are set for tomorrow…

Looking forward to a clean house…Happy New Year to me!!

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