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I am fighting the cold that my beautiful boys decided to share with me. We are all sniffle-y, cough-y, and cold-induced fog-y around here. As we prep for our spring break, I have numerous topics rambling through my head. Figured I’d try to get them out here.

1. We have three boys. Three amazingly gifted and talented boys. Ironically, when I tell people that I have three boys, almost everyone jumps to the conclusion, “Oh, you have your hands full.” Well, yes, I do…but don’t we all? We are all busy and trying to balance schedules and trying to find the perfect alignment of boundaries, expectations, and abilities. I usually answer, “Yes, but I’m sure you have a lot going on, too.”

2. Along with the having three boys thing, I am often asked which sports they enjoy. I know it is a gender stereotype. Boys love sports. When we found out Jake was a boy, Hubz was anxious to share his love of football and college basketball and his moderate knowledge of baseball with him. Jake is probably as interested in sports as I am in scuba diving. That is to say, we know they exist, and we’d prefer to not have to do them. Aside from swimming, which Jake finds to be calming and relaxing, he doesn’t have much need for sports. He doesn’t even really like watching them. At first, I was a little upset by this because, well, I love to watch sports. I am not very athletic, so I understand not wanting to play…but not wanting to watch?! What? But, it’s all good. I know he has his own passions and interests, and I try to help him enjoy such things.

3. This leads me to the next thought. I just signed Jake up for a Saturday morning zookeeper class. He is going to L-O-V-E, LOVE it!! He’ll be squeaky and flappy and jumpy and oh-so-engaged. And to see him be happy makes me happy. I am thrilled that we found a program relatively nearby that encourages kids to take an active role in nurturing animals and caring for them. I truly believe that we may have a future zookeeper in our midst. Now he can see what it feels like to be one!!!!

4. Tate is my hero. I know I’ve said it before, but I just had to put it out there again. This kid. Where do I start….he tackles all of his obstacles (even when he’s not feeling well) and finds ways to overcome some of the most frustrating situations. He is like a Goonie. He never says die. He just keeps plugging along. He has frustrations, he has regressions, and he has times when he just wants to do his thing, but knows he has to do homework or go to therapy…and he does it (with minimal grumbling). And, even when things are really, really hard for him and we think he is going to totally fall apart, he totally doesn’t. He pulls it together, uses those ever-growing language skills and tells us that he needs to get away from the overwhelming. Needs to have some squishes to help him feel better. Needs to sleep with us because he is not feeling well. Just amazeballs. He shows up every day, knows that things are not going to be easy, and he STILL has a smile on his face and a giggle waiting in reserves. I need to approach my “hard stuff” like he does.

5. Cole is becoming such a big typical-ish kid!!! In September this child would not tell us what any letters were, would not write his name, would not point out numbers, and he often needed help with getting undressed/dressed, etc. Now? He recognizes and knows the sounds of most of his letters, knows numbers up to 25, can rote count up to 15, is understanding basic addition, and often pretends he’s a superhero and changes his clothes and does his “taa-daa” reveal to show us how he gets changed out of one outfit and into another. He’s doing so well!

6. In the interest of fostering my kiddos’ passions, we are attempting to visit Legoland over Spring Break next week. Our local-ish Legoland isn’t very big, and incredibly over-priced, and I know that I’ll end up paying exorbitant amounts for a set of Legos as we leave through the gift shop, but I also know how much all of my boys (especially Cole) will love it. And to see the enjoyment on their faces will be worth the second mortgage on our house…almost. 🙂

7. We’ve already received positive feedback about Jake’s use of the iPad at school. Whoo-freakin’-hooo!!! Technology can do wonders…really. When harnessed appropriately, it can help the weakest students find some success. I am so glad that we tried this route. Now he can be just like his classmates…and he’s enjoying grade-level books!! (About animals, but still…he’s loving the reading and using his class time to engage in literature!)

8. Hubz and I are having a date night this Saturday. I am so excited. It’s been months since we last got out sans children. We are going to Cooper’s Hawk for some delicious food and some fantastic wine. We also plan on doing a little shopping for ourselves, and then possibly watching a movie. I’m grateful for Hubz’s parents, who really “get” that we need a break now and then and are willing to take the boys overnight. I also get a full night’s sleep out of this deal. There is no greater gift…I mean, really.

Well, I have more cycling through my head, but I have to jet. I have a barre burn class at our Y to get to…not sure if you’ve ever tried ballet-type exercises to tone your body. I really enjoy it. This instructor is kind of part Pilates/part ballet. I find it relaxing…but my muscles don’t. They hate me the next day…but it does seem to work. So, there’s that. Have a great weekend!!!

10 Things I Think

I had an entire post written, then I hit a key and it disappeared into oblivion. #$%^!! I am exhausted, thanks to the shenanigans of a not-to-be-named 2 y.o….but he knows who he is…little scoundrel!

So, since I am tired and cannot fully remember what I was rambling about, here are 10 things floating through my mind today….

1. Tate is handling ABA therapy relatively well today. Guess that’s what happens when he actually sleeps at night.

2. I could give a rodent’s backside about the teams in the Super Bowl this year. Really?? Patriots….again?? I really don’t like Belichik (or however you spell his name). You are the freakin’ head coach of a powerhouse team…and you dress like a hobo…plus, you are not the nicest guy, either. And the Giants?? They knocked my team out. Phooey!

3. A tall skinny mocha from Starbucks isn’t half bad! It is only 3 Weight Watcher points and has all of the caffeinated, chocolate-y goodness a sleep-deprived girl could want. Bonus?? It masks the bitterness of S’Bucks coffee!

4. I attempted to vacuum today. I was going to get under the couch, but a huge dust bunny, who I will call “George” fashioned a ninja star out of some stale cheeze-its. It wasn’t worth the battle today. I let Cole aid and abet “George” with a Space Shape Goldfish purple rocketship. I can get the bugger tomorrow.

5. I would love it if my left eye would stop twitching. I hate this feeling. This happens when I am extremely overtired. Thanks, Cole…um, I mean “child-who-shall-not-be-named”…

6. Not to get into politics much, but how the heck did Newt win South Carolina?!

7. I abhor laundry. I do. I put away 4 loads of it today. It’s never-ending. I cannot wait until my kids learn to do their own.

8. Wish the sun was outside. It is damp and gray. The snow is melting, dirty and ugly. It is just crummy.

9. I absolutely love the sound of Tate’s laughter. It is infectious. Even though I want to walk around with a storm cloud today, I hear him laughing with his therapist and it makes my heart grow…and clears up the storm cloud. Happiness is…

10. I read Diary Of a Mom’s Post today, http://adiaryofamom.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/a-thousand-more-nights/. I then saw a tweet from Stimey about Susan @whymommy and showing support for her. http://teachmama.com/2012/01/show-your-love-for-whymommy-join-us.html
I don’t know Susan, but have periodically read her blog. She is an inspiration. She has been in my thoughts and prayers today. Knowing the awfulness that cancer is, my heart breaks for her…and I pray. Like Jess at DOAM, even though so much of the day to day is mundane and annoying, I am so very grateful for it. That I have the ability to cuddle with my wired, non-sleepy child at 3 in the morning, that I could giggle with Tate as he played with the vacuum after school, that I bickered with Jake over his addiction to Plants vs. Zombies. I am lucky…very lucky…

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