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Quirkiness is…

Here at the House of Hope, quirks are the rule, not the exception. All 5 of us are fairly quirky in our own right. I know I have written about us being “quirky” before, but I never went into specifics. Here is a glimpse into the quirky side of our lives.


Jake does a few things that make Hubz and me smile…but some may say  he’s a quirky little bugger..and we’re okay with that!

  • He does laps in our house when he’s feeling sluggish or needs stimulation. This has been going on since he was a preschooler. We have a great floor plan for this exercise, as it is open and has a circular path.
  • Jake does “butt bombs” on the edge of the couch when he is really excited while watching a movie or tv show. If I did those, I’d have abs of steel. Instead, he does them to get some input while he is otherwise under-stimulated. Plus, I think it has something to do with pent-up energy that he has no other way of expending.
  • If frustrated or irritated, he self-talks. “It’s ok, Jake, take a couple of deep breaths.” I know that this is a good one and he’ll eventually say it in his head, but right now, I kind of enjoy hearing his coping mechanisms from his own lips…
  • Jake makes up songs to sing to his brothers about activities that are going on in their day. He does it to help calm Tate or to quiet Cole down after getting riled up.
  • He is a chewer. He chews on pencils, shirt sleeves, and straws. It could be worse.


He does the quirkiest things…but he does them with such a zest, that you can’t help but be taken into his world!

  • When he comes downstairs for the first time in the morning, or does something he’s proud of, Tate will exclaim, “Look at me here!!” He throws his arms out into a champion pose, and it’s just the cutest thing ever.
  • Tate makes up words. He then uses said words in every day conversation. Hence, why everyone in our house knows the difference between something being “squicky” and something being “bonky”. Let’s not forget that we also have “squish” on our bagels.
  • He often will lay on the ground and change his orientation so that he is perpendicular to us. He then declares that he is “upside down”.
  • His favorite “toys” are spatulas, a plastic frosting spreader, and water bottles.
  • He can watch a fan spin ad nauseum. Seriously.
  • He is always humming a tune, and seems to have music in his soul.
  • There’s often a smile on his face, as if there is some joke that only he is privy to knowing…and it’s so endearing…
  • Tate has his spot at the table, in the van, and on the couch. Hell hath no fury like Tate when someone is in “his” spot! Even the neighbors and their kids know where he sits.


While still young, a few quirks are there…

  • Kid can climb. Everything. Shelves, ladders, poles, parents…you name it, he climbs it.
  • He communicates verbally, but just in case we don’t understand, he’s big into using over-done gestures for emphasis. Lots of hand movements, twisting, shaking of his head, etc.
  • He sings his own song to me when he’s getting sleepy or needs a snuggle.
  • He plays with my or Hubz’s ears when he’s tired or scared.
  • He likes squeezing into small spaces. I know he likes the feeling of the input from being crunched up.


A sampling of Hubz’s quirks are as follows:

  • He will fiddle with the automatic window switches in the car, even if the windows are closed, because he wants to make sure they are doubly secure.
  • His ears HAVE to be clean. I should buy stock in the makers of Q-Tips.
  • Will pull any type of fabric over his eyes if he wants to take a nap. He needs to block out the light.

I, admittedly, have gotten my quirk on, too. Some of the things I do that are kind of quirky include:

  • Sing random songs about my kids. I made the lyrics up, and sing them to my boys here and there…or sometimes to myself when one of them is on my mind. It’s just how my mind works.
  • Make up words because I like the way they sound. (Hmm, pretty sure Tate inherited this from me.)
  • Clip my toenails down to the very edge. I cannot stand my nails snagging on anything.
  • Have to wear tight-fitting socks. Floppy socks give me the willies.

So, there you have it…we are a quirky bunch. We may be odd, but we love each other…and put up with each other’s quirkiness on a daily, sometimes, hourly, basis.

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