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Teaching Opportunity

Both of my older boys are literal thinkers. I know it comes with the territory that is ADHD and autism. I try to explain idioms and sarcasm to Jake, as I know that he does understand it once it is explained.

I had such the opportunity to explain one after our religious education class yesterday. (Because I don’t have enough going on in my life, I teach 13 third graders religious ed on Monday evenings.) As the kids were waiting for dismissal, the five boys congregated by the door. Being eight-and-nine year olds, they were being silly. One started to ask the others if they “cut the cheese”. A few started to giggle. I panicked a little….please, oh, please, don’t ask Jake, I thought. He will be literal here…we really don’t use that phrase at home.

It was as if the child asking the question could feel my panic. He looked right at Jake, who was giggling because the others were giggling, and asked him if he “cuts the cheese” a lot. Jake got quiet, looked a little serious, and then said, “Nooooooo, I don’t do that.” Jake did say, however, “I Cut the Rope…you know, that game with the frog and the rope and the candy? I do that.” The child asking the question looked quizzically at Jake. To him, Jake’s statement was out of left field and unexpected. “Yeah, I know that game…anyway…hey, John, do you cut the cheese?” Giggles ensued.

Whew. Social awkwardness mostly averted. I know Jake’s mind came up with “Cut the Rope” because that is a reference he understands. In the game, you swipe the rope and it is “cut”. It is fun..and he and his brothers often giggle when playing it together…In Jake’s mind, it was similar to the situation at religious ed, because the one boy was asking if people “cut the cheese” and then everyone giggled.

Once we were at home and were eating dinner, I asked Jake if he remembered how the boys were talking about “cut the cheese” at religious ed. He did..and got a goofy grin. I asked if he knew what that meant. “Is it a game?” Hubz and I smiled….I explained that it’s not a game, but rather, a way to ask if someone has passed gas. “Like a fart?” (Ah, boys.) “Yes…like that.” Jake started giggling…”Ohhhh, that’s right. Everyone was laughing.” (Cuz when you’re a third grader, farts are funny….ok, farts are funny when you’re in your late 30’s too…)

I know the conversation resonated with Jake, because this morning when I, um, passed gas, and said, “excuse me”, Jake heard it and blurted out, “Mom, you cut the cheese.” So, yes, I do pass gas (as do you all, but I actually wrote about it). AAAAaanddd, taught my kid, successfully, another idiom which will help him navigate those tricky social circles. (Because we all know how much humor 3rd graders derive from bodily functions…ok, as do late 30-somethings.)

Sometimes you just have to laugh

I am exhausted. Tate was up around 3 am this morning scripting away in his room. Now that he and Jake share a room, though, I need to be careful about that scripting. Sometimes it gets very, very loud. Tate has very little volume control. We are trying to work on it, but he’s just a naturally loud, boisterous person. I can’t really change that.

Anyway, his scripting started to escalate. I decided to go in. I popped my head into their room and Tate greeted me happily, “Hey, there, Mommy!”. I put my finger to my lips to signal quiet. I gestured at him to come down off of the top bunk and follow me. “JAKE’S SLEEPING, MOMMY!” (Yes, he shouted it.) Thankfully, Jake snoozed through that. I got Tate out of the room and snuggled into bed between me and Hubz. At first I thought he’d go back down easily. He burrowed in the blankets and did his little going-to-sleep sensory thing. (Kind of like a dog walks in circles 3 times, Tate bounces about 3 times to get comfy.)

He was quiet for about 30 minutes. Then he sat bolt, upright and cracked his neck. *shiver* At the same time, Hubz and I whispered, “Tate, stop!”. Tate responded, “Awww, puppets!” I know it’s a script from watching “Max & Ruby”. Oh yay. He laid down, only to pop up repeatedly over the next 30  minutes or so with a script or a neck-crack.

Hubz grabbed pillows. “C’mon, Tate, we’re going to go sleep in the basement.” I mumbled my thanks and tried to drift off to sleep. I was able to get in a little more rest before Jake moseyed into my room just shy of 6 am. He wanted to tell me that Tate was missing. I relayed the story about Tate’s having a rough night. Jake nodded his head in acknowledgement. “Oh, I get it! Tate was having his brain go crazy!” (Remember, Jake uses that phrase when he is trying to explain how his ADHD is affecting his focus and thought.) I tousled Jake’s hair and hopped into the shower.

A little later I was helping Tate get dressed. He is doing most of it on his own these days, but he still needs a little help making sure everything gets on the right way. As I was getting his socks ready for him, I smelled something a little foul. I asked if someone had passed gas. Of course, all 4 of the male-folk in my vicinity started to giggle. Jake shouted, “I did NOT FART!” Cole giggled, “Someone is stinky!” Hubz immediately said, “NOT me!” Tate giggled and smiled. “I did it. I tooted out of my bottom.”

At least we ended the morning with a giggle…even if it was a little smelly for a bit!!

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