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Something New

So last week I took a step out of my comfort zone and tried a cardio kickboxing class with a fellow mom from my boys’ school. It was a small group at a tae kwon do center, and I liked the work out. Everyone was friendly and no one said anything about my jiggly middle and offbeat moves. It took me a couple of weeks to get comfortable with the idea, but I’m glad I made the change.

Today I returned for another class. This week was a little more intense, but I enjoyed it again. It’s good to step out and try new things. I need to remind myself to do that more often.

I often talk about my boys and their rigidity, but I am a creature of habit, myself. I like sticking to what I know versus trying or attempting something that I may not be familiar with. Know that feeling?

I know I drive my husband crazy with my hemming and hawing…and my resistance to change. Case in point??? Our dryer decided to bid us adieu this past weekend. I opened it so that I could leave the house and the motor decided to not work so much anymore. Waaah! I know it’s a 12 year old more basic model dryer, but still….couldn’t it hold on a while longer?!

We started to look at new appliances. Hubz isn’t sure that he can fix the problem sufficiently. In our search, we noticed that all of the fancy washer and dryers that we prefer won’t fit in our laundry space. See,  our house has a small laundry room off of the garage entry. It *should* have been made bigger and been a dual purpose mudroom/laundry room, but that isn’t the way it was set up. The house was built in 1988. Appliances were smaller back then. Soo0…that means we will have to move our laundry area to the basement if we want the cool see-through top loader and dryer–which we DO want because (a) it has larger capacity, (b) it’s more efficient and (c) Tate absolutely LOVES washers and dryers. We’ll have to get someone in to do the electric and water and gas hook ups. Hubz wants to put in a utility sink. BUT this means I have to go up and down TWO LEVELS to do our laundry. I know me. I know our kids. I’m afraid that our laundry will end up lying around in the basement getting musty and stinky.

I also am overwhelmed at the idea of having to convert the laundry area into a mud room. It should be easy enough, but it is full of stuff. We have way too much stuff around here. Most of the items in that laundry room should probably be donated or thrown out. And it definitely needs to be painted. And do we put in a bench or just a couple of chairs? Do we install a few cabinets or do shelving? What color should we paint it? While we are in there, should we clean out the mini-closet that is full of MORE STUFF?! (Yes, yes we should.)

But it’s all change. It’s all different. It’s all going to change our routine and the way I handle laundry. It really makes my heart race thinking about it.

Hubz is going to try to install a new motor in the dryer this weekend to give us a little time. Give ME a little time to visualize and get comfortable with a new set-up, new appliances, new look.  Change is good, right?!

First Day of School 2013-Pic overload

All three of my boys started school today. A part of me cannot believe that they are in 4th grade, 2nd grade, and 4-year-old preschool! However, I was so incredibly grateful that they went back to the school routine today. I am going to admit something…I’m not one of those stay-at-home-moms who is beside herself when her kids are off at school. I relish my 2 and a half hours of alone time. When I came home after dropping my boys off, I felt refreshed, I felt renewed, I felt…peaceful. No tears…no heavy heart…no wishing the moments away until they are back home.

Honestly, I was not only excited for me, but for them, as well. A new school year is a new adventure…and a clean slate. All of the junk from the year before is the past…and they can move forward with hope and joy.

Jake is in fourth grade now. I loved fourth grade. I remember my teacher very well. Sister Adria. She was pretty old school and no nonsense. She had a sign in our room, “I am responsible for my actions at all times.” I will never forget that. She really tried to instill a sense of personal responsibility in all of us…that and perfect penmanship, but that was lost on me. The responsibility thing, though, that stuck. Also, we did a Christmas play that year, and I had my first experience on Student Council. I turned 10 years old…and had sleepover parties several weekends throughout the year. It was a year of growth and independence. I loved so much of it! (It was also the year of a bad haircut….but we’ll save that story for another day…)

Tate is a second grader!!! I cannot believe how much older he seems lately…and how much progress he made this summer. He is trying to engage peers. He is advocating for himself more. He is interested in so much more around him than he has been in the past. And he is quite a little jokester! He has a great team at school, and a new team at home for ABA. His prospects look great for a fantastic year!

And Cole. Cole is my precocious little preschooler. How we have gotten to the 4-year-old preschool mark I will never know. I swear I was just bringing him home from the hospital, and here we are…getting him settled into a five-day-a-week preschool program. One of the staff told me that he did great today–jumped right in and played with new kiddos and engaged the teacher in a discussion about his new Transformer toy. I loved hearing about his day, in his words, during our 5 minute ride home. He was full of stories about his first day. When I told him he is going again tomorrow, I got that oh-so-adorable preschooler “yayyyy!” with a clap.

I know it won’t be fantastic all of the time. I know that some bumps and bruises lie ahead…but all the same, I am looking forward to this year for my kids!

Now’s the part of the post where I bore you with back-to-school photos. I’m sure you’ll be groaning as much as my boys were this morning.


I am…Cole-ja-go, Preschool Ninja Warrior!


4th, 2nd, and 4-y.o. preschool here we come!


Let’s try separating them a bit for a better pic–um, well, maybe.


Cole & Jake share a moment as Tate hams for the camera


No worries, Jake. I got your back.


Preschool rocks!


Not so sure about this 4th grade stuff….


Second grade?! I got this!


My boysies and me


And with Hubz…can we be done yet?


And this is the look one gets when asking her 4th grader for a nice smile in front of the school. “But Mo-om, there are people here. This is embarrassing!!!”




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