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Hubz’s Excellent Adventure

Remember learning about primitive cultures? Men were usually the hunters, and women were the gatherers? Funny how several thousands of years of progress and technological advances cannot take the “hunter” out of a guy.

Up until last Wednesday, we owned a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe. Truth be told, the old girl was showing her age. She was losing her pep, she was making some odd noises, and she was looking, well, used.

Anticipating our van payments concluding this month, Hubz began his search for a new car last summer. He started looking at the various manufacturer websites. He did some test driving. He asked friends and family about their cars.

Eventually, Hubz limited his search to a “family” sedan. He scoured the Internet. He visited chat rooms. He pored over Consumer Reports. He was on the prowl.

I knew the deal was sealed after he went to the Auto Show last Monday. He came home with that “twinkle” in his eye. I’ve seen that twinkle a few other times during our relationship…and every time we have ended up making a big purchase. It was coming, I just didn’t know when.

Hubz got a few online quotes from a local Hyundai dealer on Tuesday. He could get a ‘killer deal” on a Sonata. It was his time to pounce….

So, after a little discussion on Tuesday night, he made the decision to go hunt down his prey and bring home his latest “kill”. He prepared for his hunting expedition. He got his arsenal of Internet quotes, pamphlets, and paperwork in order. He arranged for his dad, the master negotiator, to go with him. He all but put on the war paint.

Hubz took off Wednesday morning to help me out. I was barely able to sit up due to the crud. Once the clock struck 1, though, he was getting anxious. He could smell his prey in our garage..it was *right* there….so he left in a flash.

Two hours later I got a call as I waited to pick up Jake from school.
Uh, Lees, um, is the checkbook on the counter?

Isn’t it in the pile of stuff? I didn’t touch the pile. I am waiting at school right now, but I can check when we get home.

It’s not here. Dammit! Can you check when you get home? Please…and let me know.

Yes, I’ll check. Good luck.

Seriously?! He forgot the checkbook?! Arghhh…all that and then he forgets the checkbook?! I checked the house when I got home. The checkbook was sitting on the dining room table next to his work id badge. I called to let him know. He thanked me…and let me know that they were going to let him bring the check tomorrow.

It was 7:30 at night by the time he got home. He was so proud of his brand new 2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS…limited. He proudly showed off the fruits of his labor. The bounty from his hunting expedition, if you will…

It is a nice car. It drives very nicely…and is so, so clean! My feet didn’t stick to the floor…and the door panels aren’t coated in perma-crud from the kids. It’s “sweet”. He did a good job.

The story should end there, but it doesn’t….on Friday Hubz called me from work. He had dropped off the check the day before but…he didn’t sign it. For serious. He forgot his checkbook, then he forgot to sign said check once he got it to them…d’oh!!

We drove down to the dealer as a family on Saturday so he could sign the check. Maybe if they saw the car full of crazy in the parking lot they would take pity on him??? I am sure he is on a blacklist somewhere…but at least he’s got his new car..and it is a done deal. Now all I have to worry about is what he’ll decide to “hunt” next….

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