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I never would have guessed…

During the boys’ first week of school, I got a text from my neighbor at about 8 pm on Wednesday night.

Ms. Neighbor #1: I’m thinking of walking before going to work in the mornings. Want to join me?

Me: Sure. When do you want to start?

MN#1: Tomorrow? 

Me: Sign me up! When?

MN#1: Sorry so early, but 5:45?

Me: I’ll likely be up anyway, so sure.

We walked that Thursday at 5:45. It was a good, fast, 30-minute walk. As much as I grumbled about getting up, it was nice to get out and get some exercise in before the chaos of the day began. We didn’t walk the next day, because she had to prep for going out of town. I did my usual exercise video. (I have been doing at least 5 days of exercise a week since July!!)

When MN#1 got back from her Labor Day weekend excursion, she texted me again, asking about walking regularly that week. She also asked if we could move it up, as she was running late after the 5:45 walk. I agreed. We walked for two mornings at 5:30, and then that Wednesday morning, as I snuck into the bathroom to get changed, I noticed I had a text. Two of her kids were sick, and she had been up all night. I was up and dressed, so I went for the walk by myself. At 5:30 in the morning. Yup. I did!

During the remainder of that week, I not only walked with her for a half hour before most of our neighborhood was awake, I came home and did my 30-Day Shred workout once the kids were in school. I felt pretty pumped. I mean, that was almost an hour of exercise a day, yo!

Last week I walked every day with my neighbor at 5:30. It was ridiculously hot for most of the week, so walking at 5:30 wasn’t so bad. I had meetings almost every day, so doing anything but my walk wasn’t possible. At least I got that in. I considered it a win.

This past Sunday I got a text in the afternoon. My neighbor had to be to work early on Monday and Tuesday, so she wasn’t going to be able to walk with me. Guess what? I set my alarm and got up those two mornings and walked all.by.myself. For serious. I checked with her last night. She said she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be joining me today. So, I got up, even after being up a couple of times with a coughing Cole, and walked at 5:30 this morning. (While walking by myself, I may or may not have cut a minute off of my walking mile…it’s amazing what walking by one’s self in the dark will do to one’s pace! Oh..and I may have downloaded a flashlight app on my phone…you know, to keep an eye out for any unsavory predators….or skunks. Dang, there are a LOT of skunks out in the wee hours of the morning!!!)

A month ago if you had told me that I would willingly drag myself out of bed at 5:20 in order to exercise, I would have chuckled. That’s what nights were for. A year ago, I would have laughed at you maniacally. Now, though, I have realized how much better I feel after exercising. Even just that short amount of time helps. (Oh, and I have been able to get in some video, as well, this week.) I have more energy..and I am not nearly as achy or winded after playing with my kids. I just feel more…more balanced.

It feels good to get up and pound the pavement. I still am not the biggest fan of exercise. I don’t like “the burn”. Nor do I like “the sweat”. Holy gross. But. BUT. I do like feeling better in general…and not having as much muffin in my top. And seeing the scale dip instead of rise. Sooooo, I’ll keep on keeping on. And when it gets too cold to walk outside–and it will–I will drag my (not-so) flabby butt out of bed and do the treadmill. 

I truly never would have guessed that this would be my lifestyle….ever.

Editor’s Note: I do have a fabulous reinforcer for my behavior. 90% of the time, as I walk up my driveway, I see Tate’s smiling face peering out of our front window. His megawatt smile and “Hi, Mommy!!” make it all worth my while–even if I’m sweaty, gross, and feeling the burn.

Target — An Escape

So, if you know me, chances are that you know how much I love Target. LOVE it.

Today, since Hubz is at home helping get our house ready for the First Communion shindig, I got to take Tate to therapy–by myself! That means that I got to drop him off and go to Target–sans my entourage. I got to browse! I took my time. I didn’t have to buy some bribery like fruit snacks or candy.

I looked at underwear–for me. I browsed the bra section. I looked at shoes–for me. I looked at makeup and nail polish. I flipped through the clothing. I looked at bathing suits and quickly ran away. (No need to depress myself while enjoying some me time.) All of the things that my boys do not tolerate well…I did. Just for me.

I got to use the restroom without scrambling under a stall to rescue a wayward child. I didn’t have to remind anyone to wash hands or to not rip off too much paper towel.

I stopped at the Starbucks. I indulged in a Carmel Light Frappucino. I didn’t have to pay ridiculous prices for chocolate milk that no one will drink. No one begged me for a pastry. (Ok, maybe my inner fat girl did, but I shooed her away…re: bathing suit season is coming soon…quite rapidly.)

So, while I still have a lot of stress and anxiety about getting everything on my list accomplished, I was able to have a little break today. It was the best medicine.

In 12 minutes my chaotic life returns….but the 148 minutes I’ve had to myself have been glorious…my present to me.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Coming up for air

In general, February, to me, is like the stinky armpit of the year. The area of the country where we live is often cold, gray, and unforgiving. We don’t get outside much, and my family always seems to come down with a bad cold or flu. It feels like the month’s purpose is to suck the lifeblood out of a person.

Last week was particularly stifling. Cole and Tate were hit hard by the latest virus…which I still maintain Cole picked up while “munching” on the play vegetables in our library’s play kitchen. They hacked, sneezed, coughed, and snorted through the week. I kept Tate home one day. Cole missed his play group and sport class. At night, Hubz and I juggled their wakings. I couldn’t escape them or their germs.

On Saturday, despite feeling fairly crummy, I showered, got dressed up…well, as dressed up as a SAHM going out to dinner with her friends gets, and forced myself to have a night away from my kids and their germs. Luckily I had a very supportive hubby who told me point blank, “get out!”

We had a nice dinner. We talked. We laughed. We cringed. We sighed. It was wonderful to just be with 2 women who know me so well. It was a welcome respite from the walls that felt like they were closing in on me the few hours prior to seeing my friends.

When I came home, I felt renewed, recharged. I went to bed feeling hopeful and ready to tackle new obstacles that would arise in the morning. Of course, those obstacles arose at 2 am with Tate. He couldn’t sleep. He had a cough. He was scared, of what I don’t know, but he kept repeating that script.

I finally got Tate back to sleep by 3:30. Between his hogging the bed, and Hubz’s snoring due to his cold, I was held hostage as my mind started wander. I couldn’t shut it off. A little later I took refuge in Tate’s empty room..and slept there until 8 am.

It felt good to sleep in. I felt the cold in my throat and sinuses, but at least I had gotten some sleep. Hubz handled breakfast and the kids. He was energized because we were getting out of the house together that afternoon. His parents were coming to watch the boys while we went to a chili cookoff for charity. We were meeting my sister K and our brother-in-law, JP, too.

The 5 hours we were out were great. We laughed, we joked, we caught up. We talked about non-child things. We got to use sarcasm and innuendo. We got to be Lisa & Hubz…not Jake, Tate and Cole’s mom & dad. It felt great to be just a couple.

When we got back home the boys seemed happy and relaxed. Hubz’s mom said they were all quite well behaved. She praised Jake for his helpfulness. I was just glad that they were well enough behaved for Hubz’s parents. Whew!

I need to get out and get away like this. It helps sustain me during the crummy parts of the month…when we’re sick, tired, and bored. I am so lucky to have been able to get out and have a breathe of fresh air…and to be “me” for a few hours during an otherwise non-stellar month.

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