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Seven years ago today I went to a routine OB appointment. Seven years ago today, I found out that my second son was coming…three weeks early, ready or not. Seven years ago today I realized that Tate was going to do things on his own time–and that was okay.

I am so incredibly blessed to have the privilege of being his mom. His zest for life is unmatched…and is inspiring. He finds beauty and pleasure in the smallest of things (Spinning ceiling fans! The frosting on a cupcake! A stick! Music from his favorite show!). He is incredibly caring and loving, especially towards those who he knows well. (“I need to hug you now.” “Don’t be sad.”) He is bright (both cognitively and in disposition), and happy, and steadfast. No matter what challenge is presented to him, he works his butt off to try to achieve. He never gives up. Ever.

Thank you, Mr. Tater, for showing me who I want to be when I grow up….you have a forever fan in me. Love you…and Happy 7th Birthday!!!


Tate dancing to Doc McStuffins songs on my phone, while holding one of his favorite “sticks”.


Tate this morning, on his 7th Birthday. He was in constant motion, so it was hard to capture a clear picture…but he is a blur of positive energy…so it captures his essence.


Look at that smile! He was pretending it was his birthday, with a cupcake made by his grandma…with his favorites–Doc McStuffins and Lambie on top. Perfection.

A Good Start to the Weekend!

We got sleep last night! Oh, thank God, we got sleep. Cole was up @ 3, but after I pulled him into bed with me, he played with my hair a bit and dozed off…ahhh, bliss.

Aaaand, the sun is out today…after 2 and a half days of clouds and rain, the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. Cole and I went for a nice long walk, and aside from coming this close to stepping on a dead mouse, it was terrific. He and I chatted the entire way about such interesting topics as garbage trucks, birds, fire hydrants, and thus, fire trucks, school, Jake, (we passed Jake’s school on our walk), and all of the Halloween (or Boo, as Cole says) decorations outside.

On top of it all, Tate is at school ALL DAY! I am letting him be a typical kid today-no therapy, no coming home early. Instead, my Taters got to go on a FIELD TRIP with his class. They visited a local pumpkin farm (and for those counting at home, that makes THREE pumpkin farm visits this year!), and according to his teacher, he is loving it!!

Tate’s full day gave me a break. I was able to get some cleaning done, go for that walk, and spend quality time with Cole. It is nice to just SIT at home and relax.

I’m hopeful that the good mojo from today spills over into the weekend, and that we’ll have a good time hanging out at home doing fall-ish things like raking leaves, cleaning up the yard, enjoying a warm fire in the fireplace, and sipping cider or hot cocoa.

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