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Deja Vu

Yesterday we went to the library. We go to the library almost every Wednesday. That is our library day. The boys love the predictability and the routine of our ritual…

We start with returning our old books and movies. Tate loves the mechanical system…he often peers inside to watch the conveyor belt spin round and round. Jake loves feeling like a “big kid” because he can independently handle the return himself. Once our items are safely returned, we head to the children’s video section.

Despite my best efforts, my boys run, ruddle (run/waddle), and skip to the shelves of DVD’s. Once there, Tate makes a bee-line for “w”…Wonder Pets. He doesn’t always watch them, but he must check at least one Wonder Pets DVD out each week. Cole is all over DVD’s about trucks right now…especially garbage trucks. He also has a penchant for Winnie the Pooh, and animals. Jake likes Pokemon and super heroes.

After each boy selects 2 (sometimes more) DVD’s, we go to look at books. Well, I look for books. Jake and Tate sit at the computers and ask me to pull up some websites. Tate has “his” computer. Believe me, if someone is in his “spot”, he will pace and stalk that person during our entire visit…or until the person gives up the computer. Jake prefers sitting at one, but will sit anywhere..

Cole takes advantage of the toys and puzzles. He also loves playing in the little playhouse that is set up. He charms the girls and the other moms…this kid knows how to play it well…

I go about the children’s department, trying to find books that will captivate the boys. I can always find topics for Jake and Cole. Tate has about 5 books at the library that he deems worthy enough to spend his time perusing. Many times, these 5 books are not available. I am not even going to go into the number of times he has had a meltdown because a beloved title wasn’t available. (Yes, that would be me with the screaming child writhing on the ground because The Wonder Pets Save the Reindeer has already been checked out.)

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful trip, for which I was grateful. Every step of our ritual went as planned, and each of the boys got their desired items. As I was packing up our belongings, I overheard a mom say to her son, “why don’t you just come over here and look at your books. Your computer is being used by someone else today, you might not get a turn.” I smiled, having heard that somewhere before….I mentioned that we were leaving, but unfortunately for them, the one computer that he wanted was not available.

We exchanged knowing glances, and then I rounded up my 3 boys and we traipsed out of the library, each of us clutching this week’s “new to us” reading and viewing materials. I heard the all-too-familiar rumbling of a meltdown…and my heart went out to his mother….deja vu…deja vu

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