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Blog, Interrupted

Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days. “The crud” really took hold and sent me to my unhappy place.

Tate had a resurgence of this virus, and he was home from school and out of therapy for 2 days. He also got pink eye, so that bought us a trip to the pediatrician’s office on Tuesday afternoon.

Being sick isn’t an option when you are a mom, so I powered through Valentine’s Day only out of sheer will…and collapsed that night. Yesterday is a foggy blur…I mostly remember rising to take my Dayquil, sip some juice, and go back to bed. That is, until about 1:30, when my devoted husband left my side to go buy a new car. (That is an entire post of its own.)

Today I can sit upright, which is a bonus…but I have a nasty cough–pretty sure people think I am emitting The Plague or something worse. My nose is running constantly, despite my use of Dayquil. Boo!

I did an emergency Target run this morning. Between the 5 of us and our virus du jour, we have blown through 4 boxes of tissues, a box of Dayquil, and juice. As I got carded for my medicinal purchase (just a box of Dayquil/Nyquil), Cole made a break for it. Little stinkfly.

I corralled Cole, paid for my necessities, and headed home. Once there we unpacked, I grabbed some tissues and tea, and we sat down to reconstruct the Lego garbage truck that Cole had gone all Incredible Hulk on during his last tantrum. Fun stuff….

Now excuse me as I go blow my nose for the bajillionth time today. And drink some juice. And suck on a lozenge. And immerse myself in my I-am-sick-and-don’t-get-PTO-days pity party.

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