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As I sit on the couch next to Hubz while he plays Skyrim, I figured why not post some of my random ramblings….better than getting pulled into the ultimate timesuck that is Angry Birds!

We went to the library this morning. I rather enjoyed going at 9:15, when almost no one else was around. It was quiet, the children’s area was still clean and tidy, and best of all, all 4 computers in the child’s area were free. This meant that Tate could have “his” computer. See, like so many other kids who fly in “the spectrum”, Tate has to have sameness. He has to use the same objects in the same place every.single.time. We have fled many-a-visit to the library after a meltdown has ensued because “Tate’s” computer is taken, and the user is either oblivious to my little stalker or just plain messing with the kid who flaps and rigidly paces back and forth while saying just a little too loudly that he wants that computer.

Today’s visit went smoothly. All 3 boys got to enjoy their favorites at the library, I got my pick of the freshly re-shelved books, and they each got one DVD. LOVE it when things go well.

Tate had ABA today. While he was working with his therapist, Cole napped. I used the time free with Jake to tackle some homework his teacher sent for the 3 days he was out. Suffice it to say that I would hate to think what it would have been like had we gotten “real” work. He had easy fluff work, since it was the 3 days before winter break.

The way Jake carried on, it’s like I made him scour the dictionary to write and define the 12 words he had to create from the phrase, “Happy Winter Holiday”. (By the by, I am so not kidding…that was the phrase…gotta love public school!) Then I had the audacity to ask him to do 3/4 of the “Holiday Fun Packet”. Oh the horror!! Know what? Now you’re going to be shocked, but Jake lived! He was able to read one of the books from the library AND he got to watch some of his DVD, too.

He told me he was proud of me because I let him watch a DVD. Mom of the Year, huh?! Aim high, I always say….(honestly, Jake has expressive speech issues, so I know he was saying he was happy that I let him have fun, too…but I’ll take the proud statement…it all works out in my favor in the end…)

Finally, tonight Hubz got a bit annoyed with me, as I was feverishly picking up clutter in preparation of the cleaning service that is coming tomorrow. “Cleaning for the cleaners” seems redundant to him….but they have to clean our crud…I don’t need them picking up our crap clutter, too. He noticed my annoyance as he surfed the web on his phone. He asked if I needed help, and I said I did. He pitched in, and all is done. I apologized for getting snippy, he said it was ok…and we are set for tomorrow…

Looking forward to a clean house…Happy New Year to me!!

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