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This weekend we had some good times. We had a few rough times, too…but there were definitely some moments that I want to hold onto for just *a little* while longer.

-Like when Tate caught my eye on Saturday morning when I came downstairs to get the coffee going. His arms were outstretched, his smile wide, and his eyes glistening. “MOM-EEE!” Oh, I want to hold onto that.

-Or when Cole crawled into my lap when he came downstairs that day. He snuggled into my chest and twisted my hair between his fingers. He let me breathe him in…I inhaled every bit of his little boy sweetness that I could. I know our time like this is fleeting. Sooner than I would like, my baby is going to be too big, too heavy, too cool, to sit on my lap like that.

-Jake turned off the television–unprompted–so he could come talk to me. I almost fell over. While we talked, Jake sketched some creations into his drawing pad. He created creatures that were breathtaking and amusing. They were majestic and minute. They were so him. The best part was how he’d excitedly explain what each one was–and what parts of real animals he used to create them. (Note to self: let’s work on fractions with the tutor…one creation was, in Jake’s words, “1/2 rhino, 1/2 bearded lizard, 1/2 monkey, and 1/2 giraffe”. I told him they were 1/4’s…he looked at me like *I* was the one with 4 heads…)

-Tate initiated pretend play. It took until age 6, but my kiddo is finally grasping the concept of pretend play. Saturday morning we were playing drive-thru window (I don’t know WHERE he got that concept from….*whistles*). I asked for a sandwich. He was only willing to sell me a stinky foot sandwich. When I pretended to be completely grossed out, he squealed with laughter, and then offered me a butt sandwich. When I said no to that, he said he could give me a knee sandwich, but that was all they had. I obliged, and gobbled down that knee sandwich…as soon as I gave him my money–which is all a part of the play. (Oh, and by money, I mean I have to give him my credit card, and he asks if I want a receipt…again, no idea where he comes up with these things!! wink, wink)

-Jake was trying to convince me to get him a pet otter. I had to decline. He then asked if he could get a pet manatee or dugong (a critter similar to a manatee, but with a slightly different tail…). I said no..and he retorted with, “right, we don’t have a pool”. I nodded and I said I didn’t want to clean up their poop, either. (They are called “the elephant of the seas”, people, so, heck no! Oh, and the whole fact that our climate is definitely NOT their natural habitat.) This evolved into a bickerment about whether animals poop. At 5:30 in the morning. I wasn’t convincing him….so we looked it up online. I won that one. He even admitted I was right. (Hence, I have to document this because we are *this close* to the time in our mother-son relationship where I will know ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY NOTHING. That’s gonna be…not awesome.)

-The 3 boys helped Hubz with yard work yesterday while I was at the store. Like actually pulled weeds and picked up trimmings, and the like. I love that they are able to spend time with Hubz…and that he can teach them some very practical home-keeping tips in the process.

-I took the boys for a walk around the block last night. Well, they rode bikes while I was forced to run pathetically after them. Tate shrieked with delight as he felt the wind blast him in the face, rush through his hair, and felt the vibration of the ground beneath him. That joy. That unbridled joy. I love that something so simple makes him so very happy.

-Jake used the word, “wiener” to refer to his, um, yeah….. I was amused, but had to pretend to be appalled. (I always worry about him being immature and unable to relate to peers. That right there shows me he “gets” a lot of the convo that is going on…much to my delight and chagrin. I asked him to try to not use that one in front of his brothers…I really don’t need Tate scripting that. It will happen in its own time, and I don’t need him to expedite that.

-The three boys sat in the family room and watched SpongeBob together last night. As they watched it, they actually TALKED ABOUT THE SHOW together. Even Tate. And then they simultaneously burst into laughter because there was a potty joke. They shared their gummy bears, gummy worms, and sour patch watermelon candy together…and it was nice to see something just so….typical.

So, lots of little moments. Moments that, together, add up to some great memories…and help me get past the not-so-awesome moments like bickering, social difficulties, frustrations, attention issues, and so forth.

Mostly Wordless Wednesday


Jake and his cousins prep to go down the hill.


Hubz and Cole have fun.


Tate waits for a turn on the red sled

We had a snow day yesterday. So did the boys’ cousins. The roads were pretty clear so we met up to go sledding. All five kids (and Hubz) had a great time!


I feel as if Christmas snuck up on us this year. One minute we were having turkey and stuffing, and the next TBS was touting their 24-hour A CHRISTMAS STORY marathon. I bought gifts throughout the month, so I didn’t have to mad-dash at the end. Hubz wrapped the gifts on his first day of vacation while the boys were still in school. We attended several holiday-themed gatherings, and yet, it just didn’t “feel” like Christmas. But, last week, there it was…looming large.

I used to get nervous about the holiday hub-bub. I was very concerned about what others would think or say about Tate and his behaviors. I tried too often to shove him into a “typical” role of a child at Christmas. Now that we better understand Tate and his stressors, we have been able to hedge some of the anxiety and go into the holiday with realistic expectations.

Our Christmas went quite well this year. We started our celebrations last Saturday. My dad hosted the holiday, and we enjoyed a very laid back appetizer “meal”. Appetizer choices were perfect for our family. There literally was something for everyone. Our boys had to wait a while after our arrival to open presents. They handled it quite well. Luckily my dad turned one of the bedrooms into a play room, so the boys spent a nice chunk of time upstairs playing. Tate saddled up to the kitchen sink and calmed himself down with the water. He was able to let it go when his time was up, and for that, I am grateful.

My family was incredibly generous. The boys were showered with several gifts. Tate got a playdoh set from my sister, Auntie K. It is still one of his favorites. It’s the one that makes gumballs and other candy items. He got Hungry Hippos from my other sister. While he struggles to play it according to the directions, he and his brothers have gotten much use out of it in the week that we’ve owned it. My dad went overboard–as usual. The boys got tons of toys…all were on their wish lists. My dad got Tate 24 pounds of playdoh. Yes, 24 POUNDS of playdoh. I didn’t realize that playdoh could be purchased in 6-pound tubs…but it can! Cole’s preschool and Tate’s OT will be benefactors of some of said playdoh. We can’t possibly use all of that.

Jake got a Skylander Giants figure from my one sister, and a Wreck-it Ralph figure from the other. He loves both. If you’ve never heard of Skylander Giants, be grateful. A marketing genius created this game. There is a portal…and kids can collect all these super-cool figures and BE the figure in the game, as long as said figure is placed on the portal. It’s right up Jake’s alley–with the fantasy aspect, and animal-like nature of the figures…right now he wants to collect as many figures as possible. Hubz and I are just trying to get him to play the actual game once in a while before we have a small army of Skylander Giants ruling our house.

Cole got a Transformer set (bot-shots…small and perfect for 3 year olds) and some Legos. His life was complete. He carried those around as if his life depended upon it.

In all honesty, with the goodies we received from my family, our Christmas could have been complete. However, Christmas hadn’t even officially arrived, and so, the boys had many, many more treasures waiting for them. In our house, Santa brings everything. I know, I know…that kind of perpetuates the whole greedy thing with Santa…and we don’t get any credit, but oh well…that’s just how we have done it since Jake was born. All three boys still believe in Santa, and I really enjoyed our celebration this year, because I don’t know how much longer Jake will fully believe in the magic.

When the boys woke up on Christmas morning, a veritable cornucopia of presents awaited them. Each had a pile of gifts. Santa listened to our boys’ wishes. Jake got his Lego Spongebob Super hero set. And a stuffed sloth. And Angry Bird Star Wars. Tate got Doc McStuffins and Lambie. He got a Lego set with a stoplight. He got books with Max & Ruby and Team Umizoomi. Cole got the Lego Mine Set. He got some blocks. And of course, some Transformer “dudes”. Each of the boys were incredibly excited about their gifts. Tate readily opened gifts this year…and got excited about many of them.

When Tate opened the Doc and Lambie set, he was so excited and completely overcome with emotion. He had to excuse himself to the bathroom–twice–to compose himself. Once he did, he sat in a little corner in our living room behind our big overstuffed chair. He needed that alone time with his dolls to absorb the amazement and fabulousness that were Doc and Lambie. He shared his private moments and then was able to carry on with our holiday. Our other boys let him be. They knew what he needed. Hubz and I let him be. We knew what he needed. In that moment, our Christmas was complete.

Later that day we went to Hubz’s sister’s house for Hubz’s family celebration. It went amazingly well. For the first time, like, ever, Tate sat with his brothers and cousins at the kids’ table. He didn’t eat, really, but he socialized. He laughed with them. They talked, excitedly, about what presents were waiting for them later. It was terrific. We adults were able to sit and eat and talk..and now that the kids are a little older, we didn’t have to be monitoring their every.single.move.

After dinner was cleared away, we congregated for presents. Tate had some anxious energy, but he handled it relatively well. He did try to “squish” his brothers a few times…and his older cousin once, but other than that, he self-soothed. He also offered to help Hubz’s mom be “Santa”! Tate can read names…or well, he could fill in the blanks. Like, he wasn’t sure about my niece’s name, but he rationalized it out…with process of elimination. He saw a gift “To Lisa”, and handed it to me, “This is yours…mom.” I was doing the dance of joy inside.

Midway through the gifts, Tate needed a break. It was loud. There was a lot of commotion. It was not a routine day, what-so-ever. He came up to me and asked me to “sit on him”. Please be aware that I didn’t sit on my son…but he did sit behind me, and I leaned back to give him some deep pressure that he required to regulate. After the pressure, and a little bouncing to get some input, Tate was off again. He happily opened his gifts and showed them off. This was new. In big family gatherings, opening gifts has been very difficult for Tate. We were proud of his ability to stay with the group.

Our boys did very well with the rest of our family time. They said goodbyes and thank-you’s appropriately. They hugged their aunts, uncles and grandparents. They allowed themselves to be hugged and kissed. We let it be as organic as possible…with the occasional prompt to say “thank you”.

The past week has been a whirlwind of activity, but we have made it through. We had some ups and downs through the entire process, but we were able to make it through all of our celebrations meltdown-free. The greatest amount of progress with both of our older boys has been that they really seem to know when enough is enough…Tate has a harder time letting us know it, but thankfully we know him well enough to usually head off a meltdown before it begins.

This progress…this is the best gift I could have asked for this year. It gives me hope.

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

We had brunch with Santa on Sunday. It wasn’t our first time, so we’ve been able to make it a little easier for Tate over the years. The best part is that Santa was in a private room, and only one family at a time was permitted into the room. It’s quiet and there wasn’t too much stimuli other than Santa and a tree.  Tate was a little whiny at the start because Hubz was not able to attend with us. However, we had a little help from the big ‘ol jolly elf…he parked his helicopter right outside of the window where we were seated. Tate was occupied for over an hour while checking it out. Whining stopped. Double bonus? Said helicopter was red…Merry Christmas to us!!

IMG_0177 Cole and Jake are ready for the festivities to begin. (That’s my dad, by the way…)

IMG_0170 Tate and Auntie K are enjoying some stimmy fun!

IMG_0182What to our wondering eyes should appear??

IMG_0187 Why, it’s a red helicopter (notice Tate covering his ears?) and no reindeer!!

IMG_0188 SANTA!!!!

IMG_0193Tate is checking out the propellers on that thing. (Not sure who the other kid is…we were photo-bombed!)

IMG_0206Because it was 60 degrees outside (highly unusual), Cole and Tate went outside for a closer look.IMG_0196Cheesin’! That’s my little nephew on the left..isn’t he cute?!

IMG_0210Me and the boys

IMG_0221 I can be a helicopter, too. Look at my propellers!

IMG_0231 Ummmm….I really, really want Spongebob Superhero Legos. Ok?!

IMG_0236Um…this guy’s beard is scratchy, I don’t know him, and he smells weird. Can I be done?!

IMG_0238Why, yes, Santa, I’ve been good all year…wink, wink..nudge, nudge

IMG_0255Watching the helicopter get ready to go back to the North Pole.

IMG_0256 Let me try this angle….if I tilt my head, it sounds and looks different.

Giving Thanks

One of the biggest changes in my life since becoming a mom to “special needs” children is that I am constantly thankful for some of the most mundane things. I know we’re taught to be thankful for everything because there are so many people out there who don’t have as much stuff/love/success/intelligence/family, etc. The truth is, though, that we humans do take so much for granted. I was one of those people. Sometimes I still am. But, when it comes to being thankful and grateful for my children’s progress and growth?! I take very little for granted.

Like many other children, our boys had Wednesday through Sunday off from school. Our routines were blown out of the water. To say that we didn’t have some struggles is to put it lightly.  We went to bed later, slept in (ok, Hubz and I tried to sleep in), ate at different times, ate different foods. We put away typical house decor and swapped it for Christmas themed items. I kept going out to “run errands” during peak shopping times. Jake and Tate were totally out of sorts. Cole also spun around in a daze, but that may have been due to his surreptitious snacks of leftover cookies from Grandma. So, with all of the chaos and non-routine that our boys faced over the past five days, they actually did some pretty amazing tasks…and I know it was hard. BUT THEY DID IT! 

On Thanksgiving, Tate struggled greatly at my in-laws house. There were 11 of us in one place. His brothers and 10-year-old cousin were very loud. They were playing legos and watching tv. There was excited chatter about the next holiday we’d be celebrating together. Tate was getting anxious. It is hard for him to keep up with all of the others. While the boys were being loud, Tate asked my mother-in-law if he could play with the sink in the kitchen. He asked. Politely. And in a complete sentence. With the word, “please”. She allowed him to play, and he relaxed immediately. After about 15 minutes of sink time, we told him it was time to be done. He turned off the faucet without issue, and rejoined his cousins.

A bit later, we noticed that Cole, Jake and Cuz were getting loud again. And they were wrestling. Tate was engaging in a little potty talk, which often means he’s on edge. My 9 year-old niece decided she’d had enough of the boys’ tom-foolery, so she constructed a little fort for herself with blankets and pillows. Tate, who had stripped down to his underpants, wanted to join her in the sensory-deprivation tent. We worked out a bargain. He could join Cuzzie, but he had to put his clothes back on. That is the fastest I have ever seen Tate get his clothing on by himself!! Once he was fully clothed again, Cuzzie and Tate hung out in the tent. It was perfect. Perfect that he was able to figure out what worked to keep himself regulated. Perfect that Cuzzie was aware enough to understand he needed that quiet space too. Perfect that the other boys didn’t bother them while they were in their tent.

On Friday we had every intention of decorating for Christmas. However, certain sales beckoned. I went to do some shopping. Hubz went to help his parents pick up a new tv they had purchased on super-sale. The boys hung out at home with Grandma. When I returned, we decided that Jake and Cole would go with Hubz and his parents back to Hubz’s parents’ house, because Tate had speech therapy. 10 minutes after they left, the speech therapist called–the therapy center was without power. The high winds had knocked it out. She had to cancel. Suddenly, Tate and I were left with a 2 hour window to ourselves. I decided to take him to Culvers for a lunch date.

As I pulled into the parking lot, and into a spot, Tate protested. “No, Mommy. We get it and take it home. Go the other way.” I told him that I wanted to take him out for lunch, and that I’d like to sit in the restaurant. He hesitated, and then conceded to going inside. “I have to use the potty, Mommy.” It was a deal. We ordered our usual meals. I can be so like my children…I like the same thing from Culvers. I very rarely differ in my order. I ordered Tate his grilled cheese and french fries “Scoopie Meal” and got him a pink lemonade. I also ordered a side of cheese curds for him.

My facebook post from Friday, “Mommy and Tate date at Culver’s. Complete with cheese curds and spinning fans. My boy is in heaven!”. I posted a cute picture of Tate ripping apart his grilled cheese. He was so excited–he found a table directly under a ceiling fan, and had an excellent view of the other 3 spinning fans in the restaurant. We went early enough that the Black Friday shoppers were still busy, so it wasn’t very crowded. He and I had a great meal, and even a little bit of conversation, which was icing on the cake. He told me (spontaneously) that the grilled cheese made him feel happy. Identification of emotion AND spontaneous speech?! I couldn’t have been happier!!!!

Friday night was relatively low key. Hubz pulled some of the Christmas decorations out from the crawl space. I put away all of the Thanksgiving and Autumn items that were around the house. We brought the tree and the ornaments upstairs to the living room. The boys seemed, at first, excited about the tree. Then Hubz put it up. I think that all NINE FEET of our artificial tree standing front and center in our living room was too much. Jake escaped into the family room to play his Skylanders Giants game. Tate followed, as he has an obsession with our Wii remotes/nunchucks. Tate doesn’t necessarily want to play the game, but he’ll be damned if anyone else gets to play the 2nd person. It can be very exasperating. Hubz and I stood staring at each other over the bin of ornaments. We decided to “trim the tree” at a later time–and joined the revelry in the family room.

Saturday morning Hubz and Jake went to go be a part of “Feed My Hungry Children”. They were there for two hours. It was a lot to ask Jake to prep food for starving children in another country. It is a bit of an abstract thought. However, he did it, willingly. He also did quite well with the packaging, according to one of the scouting moms. I was proud of him for being able to organize and plan all of that! Jake was eager to donate a $1.00 to the cause, as well. And it was from his own piggy bank. (See, when we framed it in a way he could understand, ie, some kids cannot afford cheeze-its, let alone bread, he was happy to give some money so another kid his age could get cheeze-its somewhere!) I’ve said it a thousand times over, but Jake has a heart of gold. He’s such a good kid.

Later that day, we headed out to my sister’s house to celebrate with my family. We started a “meatloaf dinner” tradition years ago when Hubz and I would go visit his family for the actual Thanksgiving holiday. It is one we have kept over the years, and it is fun. My sister, Auntie K, and her husband, Uncle J, hosted. They are always so considerate and prepare some food items that they know our boys will like. They also made sure to have plenty of lemonade on hand for the boys!!

Tate did pretty well up until all of the family was in the house…including my youngest sister, her husband, and their baby. With all 12 of us in there, it got loud and more chaotic. The baby was fussy. Cole was trying to play with his baby cousin as if he were also 3 years old. It was kind of scary. Tate needed an out. He asked (without prompting) if he could watch my sister’s front-loading washer and dryer. They saved a load of laundry for Tate, and he spent a good 40 minutes watching the load go from washer to dryer. He didn’t lose his shtuff once.

As the adults cleaned up the table, Tate helped rinse the dishes. It allowed him to “play” with water, and he even conversed with us as we asked him to help out. Jake commandeered the television. I don’t think that much SpongeBob should be seen by any one person in one day…but it helped him keep it together, so we allowed it. He even talked to his aunts and uncles about the show, and other various topics, while the show was on. He also willingly came to the dinner table and ate a decent dinner, so I couldn’t complain about that. My boys are growing up!!!

Yesterday we made it our mission to decorate the tree. We had all three boys help out. In our house, each child receives a new ornament every year. There is some story behind the ornaments, too. As we put up ornaments, we often talk about which year, why we bought them, who they were for, etc, etc, etc. The boys tolerated that for about 3 ornaments before each one was claiming that the ornament they were holding was their own. Hubz and I just went with it and eventually we got the tree completely decorated. It is surprising how quickly a tree gets trimmed when five people are doing the job.

This year, Tate was interested in more than just his favorite ornaments. He put other ones on the tree. He engaged in conversation with Hubz and me about his favorite ornaments, too. Jake told stories about the ornaments he remembered. (He has quite a memory, that one.) Cole staked claim to all of them, and declared that everything was from Target (it wasn’t), but that’s ok. We had quite a good time, and even though the decorating of the tree really made me miss my mom (we had a similar tradition at my house when I was a child), watching my boys grow and participate like they were was inspiring. I couldn’t stay down with all of that excitement surrounding  me.

Our weekend was chaotic, and haphazard, and full of family, food, and love. It is amazing to look at where we are today, versus where we were just a year ago. The boys maturity and genuine interest in the traditions and festivities gives me hope for what our future holds. For all of that, the little moments…and the big ones…I am ever grateful. We are truly blessed.

Thankful Thursday

For this week’s “Thankful Thursday”, I have decided to do a list of 10 things for which I am grateful. I think in list form a lot. I like to make lists. They are neat, and orderly, and logical.

1.3 year-old preschool. I have 5 hours a week to myself. I can do whatever I want. Often, I end up using my time to get chores or errands done around the house, but hey, I don’t have to mitigate any arguments, feel guilty about not paying attention to my children while I mark things off of my list, and I can go at my own pace, which is usually much faster than when a child, or three is hanging around.

2. A relatively healthy family. We have typical colds and tummy bugs. We feel run-down at times and “off”. None of us, though, has any illness or disease that is of major concern. I suffer from allergies and asthma, but am able to control it through medication and lifestyle changes. The boys have neurological “disorders”, but we are able to afford interventions and therapy. None of us is homebound, ill all the time, or miserable…and that is a blessing.

3. Tate and Jake sharing a room. Since we decided to make Jake and Tate roommates, Tate’s bed time antics have vastly improved. He isn’t out of the room every 2 minutes. He is settling down to sleep relatively quickly. He is staying in bed for a good 8-9 hours, even when he does wake up in the middle of the night. Jake finally, finally learned how to read a clock (I think Tate helped), and will not emerge from his room prior to 6:00 am unless it is a dire bathroom emergency. I see the light go on low, and I hear them talking and playing (yes, playing) but they are not jumping up and down on me or Hubz prior to 6:00 am. It has been wonderful.

4. ABA Therapy. Tate has made tremendous amounts of progress. He is able to perform tasks and speak at levels that blow us away. It isn’t necessarily the perfect solution, but for Tate, ABA has been a godsend. He has tapped into so much of his intelligence. He masters programs and generalizes them. The ones he has trouble generalizing, he works on more each session to make it a part of his “tool box”. ABA therapy has given us so much hope, too. We always saw potential and intelligence in our son–and with the help of his ABA therapists, we are seeing him achieve great things.

5. Amazing IEP teams. Our boys are incredibly blessed to have such amazing teams in place for their education. The teachers, therapists, and us, his parents, work together often to make sure our boys are getting the services and attention they need to achieve in school. The therapists spend a good amount of time with each of our boys, and they work hard during their sessions towards the goals we set in the IEP meetings. It is wonderful to know that the boys are working on their goals, and are progressing…and they are using what they learn in therapy and are generalizing it to the classrooms. The IEP teams are good about communicating to us, and they let us know when breakdowns occur so that we can all address them together.

6. Passionate teachers. Jake and Tate have amazing teachers this year. They have the kind of teachers that set the bar waaayyyyy up here (I’m on my tippy-toes with my arm stretched above my head). They have teachers that I know I will be comparing all future teachers against. Their teachers just seem to get it. And they are always, and I mean ALWAYS, willing to try something new to see if it will help our boys learn. The teamwork between their teachers and the IEP teams, and home has been so beneficial for them. They are really picking up some steam at school. Yes!

7. A mostly-typical child. Cole keeps me on my toes. He is mischievous, fun-loving, and social. He is curious. He is intelligent. He does not have the same struggles that his older brothers have. He has his quirks and all, but he has shown me the beauty of a typically developing child. I am so grateful that I have the privilege of being able to parent someone like him. My mostly-typical child allows me to see that the grass isn’t always greener. Mostly-typical children have their own set of worries, issues, and frustrations.

8. Supportive family. Hubz is amazing. He works all day, and then comes home and helps me out with the boys at night when we’re all coming unglued. He encourages me to take time for myself. He never grumbles about helping with our boys. It is a relief to know that when he gets home, I have some back-up, especially on the days when Tate and Jake are dysregulated, and Cole has decided not to nap. My sister, K, and her husband. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, watch the boys, listen to a vent, or give advice. They applaud the boys’ successes. They make sure to let the boys know that they are special. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. My sister, C. The past year, but mostly since the birth of my nephew, she has really been more understanding. She asks how the boys are doing more. She asks how I am doing more. I really appreciate that. My mother and father-in-law. They watch the boys for us. They are so patient with the boys and support us when we go to evaluations, or doctor appointments, or try a new medication. It is nice to have them as a sounding board…and as a back-up when our energies are running low. My SIL & BIL. They treat the boys with respect and love. My dad and his girlfriend. They have watched the boys a few times. They spoil the boys and shower them with attention. They acknowledge the progress each of our kids has made.

9. The blogosphere. I have “met” so many wonderful people out here. So many of the bloggers I follow have some grasp of special-needs parenting. They just “get it”. It is comforting to know that we are not the only ones who struggle with sleep. Or food aversions. Or sensory disorder. Or keeping-our-shtuff-together-so-we-don’t-scare-the-kids. I love that I can admit that this parenting gig is hard sometimes. REALLY HARD. I love that I can talk about how awesomely amazing it is that Tate went trick-or-treating of his own will, and people here celebrate it with me. Or I when I express worry about a behavior or lack of progress, I get some usable advice, and not just, “oh, all kids do that…”

10. Friends. I am so appreciative that I have friends. I have some really long-lasting friendships. I have newer ones. I have come-and-go ones. I have “virtual” friendships with people whom I have never met, but yet, I feel like we could sit and talk for hours about everything and nothing. I have friends so close they could be siblings. I have friends so distant that I don’t really know what is even going on with them….but I know that they are there for me..and I am there for them. And, well, knowing how hard forming friendships can be for many people, I do not take any of mine for granted. I am incredibly blessed to have so many people that I consider friends.

Obviously, I am grateful for so much more in my life, but these are the ones that are sticking out in my mind right now….

10 Things I Think

I had an entire post written, then I hit a key and it disappeared into oblivion. #$%^!! I am exhausted, thanks to the shenanigans of a not-to-be-named 2 y.o….but he knows who he is…little scoundrel!

So, since I am tired and cannot fully remember what I was rambling about, here are 10 things floating through my mind today….

1. Tate is handling ABA therapy relatively well today. Guess that’s what happens when he actually sleeps at night.

2. I could give a rodent’s backside about the teams in the Super Bowl this year. Really?? Patriots….again?? I really don’t like Belichik (or however you spell his name). You are the freakin’ head coach of a powerhouse team…and you dress like a hobo…plus, you are not the nicest guy, either. And the Giants?? They knocked my team out. Phooey!

3. A tall skinny mocha from Starbucks isn’t half bad! It is only 3 Weight Watcher points and has all of the caffeinated, chocolate-y goodness a sleep-deprived girl could want. Bonus?? It masks the bitterness of S’Bucks coffee!

4. I attempted to vacuum today. I was going to get under the couch, but a huge dust bunny, who I will call “George” fashioned a ninja star out of some stale cheeze-its. It wasn’t worth the battle today. I let Cole aid and abet “George” with a Space Shape Goldfish purple rocketship. I can get the bugger tomorrow.

5. I would love it if my left eye would stop twitching. I hate this feeling. This happens when I am extremely overtired. Thanks, Cole…um, I mean “child-who-shall-not-be-named”…

6. Not to get into politics much, but how the heck did Newt win South Carolina?!

7. I abhor laundry. I do. I put away 4 loads of it today. It’s never-ending. I cannot wait until my kids learn to do their own.

8. Wish the sun was outside. It is damp and gray. The snow is melting, dirty and ugly. It is just crummy.

9. I absolutely love the sound of Tate’s laughter. It is infectious. Even though I want to walk around with a storm cloud today, I hear him laughing with his therapist and it makes my heart grow…and clears up the storm cloud. Happiness is…

10. I read Diary Of a Mom’s Post today, http://adiaryofamom.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/a-thousand-more-nights/. I then saw a tweet from Stimey about Susan @whymommy and showing support for her. http://teachmama.com/2012/01/show-your-love-for-whymommy-join-us.html
I don’t know Susan, but have periodically read her blog. She is an inspiration. She has been in my thoughts and prayers today. Knowing the awfulness that cancer is, my heart breaks for her…and I pray. Like Jess at DOAM, even though so much of the day to day is mundane and annoying, I am so very grateful for it. That I have the ability to cuddle with my wired, non-sleepy child at 3 in the morning, that I could giggle with Tate as he played with the vacuum after school, that I bickered with Jake over his addiction to Plants vs. Zombies. I am lucky…very lucky…

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