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End of Year Anxiety

The anxiety beast is running rampant through our house right now. With 3 weeks and one hour of school in front of my boys, there is a complete sense of the unknown in front of us. Jake feels it. Tate feels it. I feel it…both mine and theirs.

I remember being in a state of immense joy when school was almost over for the summer. No more teachers, no more books…no more principal’s dirty looks….and all that jazz. Except for my kids. The end of the school year means change. And change, well, change means anxiety. Lots of it. 

Tate has several little transitions to get through as we approach summer. First, his teacher is out of school right now after a medical  procedure. She returns next week. He has her for 2 weeks, then, and then has a week break, and then starts up ESY part-time. He also will have ABA in the afternoons…and most likely a new therapist on weekday mornings to fill the session times that his afternoon therapists cannot manage. He’s been sleeping like a baby…like a newborn baby. Up a lot, whining, crying…it’s been exhausting.

As the school year winds down, items are coming off of walls, expected wall adornments are put away for the summer, and everywhere one walks, there’s a sense of moving on, of routine change and the like. Tate has been scripting about his aide “breaking” his schedule. Turns out, she was helping to clear some of the posters and his visual schedule ripped. *sigh* (She put it back together…thankfully she knows how much he relies on it!!)

Jake is having the most anxiety about his teacher for fourth grade. He keeps asking his third grade teacher to be his fourth grade one. While sweet, it shows how anxious he is about the change. Thankfully, though, he will get to meet his new teacher before the end of the year so that we can visit her classroom a few times over the summer. He keeps asking what happens next. I can only go over the next few weeks so many times before I get short with him and lose my temper. Then I feel guilty…until he asks me, yet again, what comes next.

I am anxious about how the change in routine from school, to summer (for a week), to summer school, to ESY, to day camp, to therapy, to play dates, to random summer activities will go. I am not as rigid as my children, but the changes in routine make me a little nervous, too. I like to know what’s coming…and, well, one never quite knows..especially when children are involved.

So, we’re trying to muddle along over the next couple of weeks…none of which is really a typical week. This week the boys have Friday off for an inservice day. Next Wednesday they have early release. The following Monday is Memorial Day, and the last week they have a full day of school on Monday and our obligatory hour on Tuesday. 

Throw in a handful of end-of-the year activities like field trips (for both of my older two boys), a spring music concert for Tate (still not sure if we should go), Jake’s bridging ceremony for Cub Scouts (Webelo’s here we come!!) and we’re all out of whack. 

Maybe it’s time I start doing yoga again…I feel my blood pressure rising, my heart rate increasing, and my breathing race as I start to think about all that’s coming our way in the next 4 weeks….eeek!!!



I haven’t written in a week. Nothing incredibly major has been going on, but I just haven’t found, nay, made the time to write. I feel pulled in several directions these days, and getting my thoughts down on “paper” has been pushed down the priority ladder. I miss writing. It helps me process everything that goes on in our lives.

Last week Jake had his MAP testing. Forgive me as I cannot recall what MAP stands for, but the kids take the tests in math and reading three times a year–once in fall, once in winter and once in spring. Jake’s reading test was last Wednesday. He went up 14 points since last spring. That is huge. The average is 8-10. He is making gains!

We had Open House at the boys’ elementary school on Thursday. Tate was incredibly excited to go this year, which is new because in the past he could barely make it through the doors of the school. This year he came in with us, and practically ran down the hall towards their classrooms. We went to Jake’s classroom first. Jake was excitedly showing us his state poster project, and his writing samples. (We need to work on punctuation. Oy vey!) We also talked to his teacher, and she was praising his independence as of late, as well as his progress over the year! Tate kept pushing us to be done so that he could go to his classroom 3 doors down the hall. We finished up with Jake’s room after about 10 minutes.

We made our way to Tate’s classroom. His teacher and favorite aide were there. He got all excited and started to do his “white man” dance in the hall. He totally, without a doubt, inherited Hubz’s moves. As he was dancing, we all entered the classroom..except Tate. That was just a bit too weird…I mean, going into his classroom at night?! What was wrong with us?! Hubz went outside into the hall to try to encourage Tate as I looked through his work. He really had some impressive pieces to show off that night! I loved that his teacher had a slideshow of the year so far. The kids are obviously enjoying their teacher, aides and each other.

We tried to engage Tate to come into the classroom via a video on the iPad. It was a video that his class had made about One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. (Hence the soliloquy about it the prior week when he wasn’t feeling well.) He was game until he saw a little kid in the hall beeline for Tate’s locker. The younger child (preschool-age) opened Tate’s locker and started opening and shutting the door repeatedly. We lost Tate. That was NOT in the plan. It was HIS locker. He kept standing guard at his locker and would not come into the room. Every time he’d get close, I swear that preschooler was watching, because that preschooler would make another beeline for Tate’s locker.

In addition to these activities, I got suckered into helping with a few PTO committees. As with most schools, the same 20 people volunteer all the time. Last week I was concurrently running a spring fundraiser, helped out with the school book fair, and helped organize 2 classrooms for Teacher Appreciation Week. Oh, and Tate’s ABA team had a team meeting, and I was given a couple of action items for that, as well.

Additionally, we had some lovely weather last week. After an incredibly cold and wet spring, we had 3 back-to-back days above 70 degrees (two were in the 80’s!!) and were sunny. I had the kids out and about so we could enjoy it all.

Hopefully I can better juggle the craziness that is the end of the school year and also manage to write more in my blog over the next few weeks. There is a lot going on….so I will definitely try!

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