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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We spent the better part of Sunday decorating our house for Christmas. Hubz got the tree up, and I handled pretty much everything else..because I wanted to do it, and I am a bit of a control freak that way.

The family put the ornaments on the tree. Each child gets a new ornament every year. It was fun explaining the rationale behind the ornaments to Jake and Tate. Cole was more interested in messing with everything. The ornamentation of the tree took much longer than planned because we had to chase down Cole after every third ornament. Guess that is one way to get exercise in!

We hung our stockings by the fireplace with care…and I talked about how my mom had made each of the boys’ stockings. The kids didn’t seem to care..and instead Jake asked why my stocking was so much bigger. (Because I’m the mom!)

After last year’s half-hearted attempt at decorating, I went all-out…for me, anyway. I put usual decor into storage. I set up my entire village, people and all. I put garland on the china cabinet. I hung Christmas-y items about the walls. I set up my mom’s Nativity set. The ancient set that was my grandparents’. It brought back so many memories. I hope Mom is smiling about it finally seeing the light of day again.

I put up the Advent Calendar. I have the Christmas countdown on the kitchen table. My snowmen are out and about throughout the downstairs. Linens decorate the bathroom. Lights are on the facade of our house (that was all Hubz).

And last, but not least, Alfie the Elf is back! He is watching the boys and reporting back to “Santa” every night. I love the “Elf on the Shelf” story…and my boys love finding the elf. Jake, in particular, likes to search for our little friend every morning.

Here’s to the Christmas spirit…may it brighten your days and warm your hearts this next month!!

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