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Mostly Wordless Wednesday

I’m a little late posting today….had to edit these photos…but wanted to share from our zoo trip the other day. Adorable, right??




Monday already?!

Lately, our weekends have been chock full of activity. I think know our busy-ness has contributed to my sense of overwhelm and crankiness. This past weekend we were busy, per usual, but we were able to carve out some quiet time, too.

On Saturday, while Hubz tried to get Jake to nap in preparation for a scouting overnight, Tate and I spent an hour playing outside. I am so glad we did. We drew with chalk. Tate told me a story about his favorite Wubbzy episode.

We went to the backyard. Once there, we rotated between the swings, digging for worms, and our clubhouse. Tate shared his beloved swing with me. Oh yes he so did. I was thrilled. We dug for worms. Well, I dug for worms. Tate has a love/hate relationship with those squirmy critters. I dug them up, showed him them wriggling in my hand, and he demanded that I put them in the bucket with dirt. We put the bucket in the clubhouse.

After a little chase game and round 2 on the swings, I suggested hanging out in the clubhouse. Tate climbed up after me. We sat and talked. We had a great conversation about where things live…he was quite into talking about who lives where. (We live in a house, birds live in a nest, and worms live in the ground.) We talked about the sunshine and the grass, too.

Later, once Hubz and Jake were gone, Cole, Tate and I played outside some more. As I pushed them on the swings, we counted and sang the alphabet. Cole got down and played with the dirt. Tate swung until it was time for dinner. I wish I could see that unbridled joy on his face more often.

The boys and I had great fun together. We read stories, watched tv, played with Legos and laughed–a lot. Bedtime went ok. Cole went right down to sleep. Tate fought it more. His anxiety spiked when he realized that Jake and Hubz weren’t coming home. After some deep pressure hugs and a little echolalia, he was out..and it was only 8:15. Score!

I watched some crappy tv, and enjoyed every moment. I got to have a snack without sharing, play with my phone, read, and be a bum. Vacation!

Sunday started early…very early. Tate was up with the birds at 4:15. They were chirping. He was chirping echolalic phrases. I got to relive most of Saturday through his echolalic processing. *yawn*

Hubz and Jake got back by 8 am. As a treat, I got to go to Mass by myself! I took Tate to his last Sunday School class and enjoyed listening and participating in church. After Mass, I went to the reception after his last class. I totally choked up as I thanked his 1:1 aide. Aide is a h.s. senior. He has been with Tate for 2 years. This year he volunteered and wasn’t even doing this for service hours….just did it to spend time with his favorite kindergartener. Aide is one good kid. He’s going to go far. I know it. Aide also offered to babysit for us if we ever need it. Said he’s going to miss Tate. I excused myself as I suddenly had something streaming from my eyes. Oh.Right. Tears of joy and gratitude.

We got home, and hung out for a couple of hours. Then, we packed everyone up in the van and went to Jake’s first lacrosse scrimmage. So far, Jake is enjoying the sport. He hasn’t fought us about going to practices. He hasn’t whined about having to wear his protective gear. He has even tried to tie his own cleats. At the scrimmage Hubz and I learned 2 things. (1) We need a tutorial on lacrosse. (2) Our kid is so slow. And also, not aggressive. The slow we get. But the lack of aggression??  Hubz and I are, um, scrappy…small, not very athletic, but super competitive and aggressive when it comes to playing a sport. *shrug* who knows…

We got home in time for me to make dinner, and Hubz entertained the boys. And by entertained, I mean turned on the tv and let Tate have our Xoom tablet. Yup.

And, just like that, it’s Monday…and the chaos continues….

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