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Few Words Friday…

Well, Tate got sent home from school today. He’s sporting a 99.6 fever, has a hacking cough, and incredibly runny nose. He is roaming the house, whining, and wiping his nose on anything that suits his fancy. I am tired of using our Lysol and Lysol wipes. My hands are cracked and smell of disinfectant. Cole needs much attention, too, because, well, don’t we all when our siblings are feeling under the weather?? I had grand plans for today…and instead, I’m being summoned to the family room to play Skylanders Giants…and I am terrible at that game. Send good thoughts. I’d hate to teach my kids some new vocabulary today.

Sick and Tired

I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt hate cold and flu season. Hate it. It’s bad enough having 3 kids who are germ-factories, but when one of those children has Autism, and what seems to be a weaker immune system, it’s hell on earth.

Tate doesn’t get the sniffles. Oh, no….he gets a full-fledged head cold, replete with booming sneezes and snot horns. (Oh, you know what I mean.) And when said head cold also has some chest congestion and a cough?? God help us.

Cole and Tate have had this most recent virus since last weekend. They have bad coughs. They are sneezing, and they have gobs of nasal secretions coming out of their noses. Gag! Also, since the concept of blowing your nose into a tissue seems to allude them both, there is shtuff everywhere.

During Tate’s therapy and Cole’s naptime, I sanitized, sprayed Lysol, and rid the house of germy tissues (which I made them use–I know, I’m like the worst mom ever!). I have had to change Tate’s shirt every day, as his sleeves may quite possibly have Ebola…or some other type of virus. I wiped down tables, chairs, the couch, etc. Fun, fun stuff.

Additionally, for many of the past 5 nights Hubz and I have been up, due to complications that Tate is having with his cold. Monday night was the Pukefest. Tuesday night Tate ended up in bed with us. Wednesday night he wouldn’t go to sleep and Hubz ended up sleeping in his room. Thursday night he was crying because he might cough, so I ended up in his room. Last night Hubz was up with him every couple of hours because Tate was perseverating on his cough.

Today Hubz has deep bags under his eyes, and seems to be hacking up his left lung. My throat is scratchy, and I have a headache. I was up once with Tate and Hubz, too.

So, um, yeah, cold season blows…literally. I hope that Tate can kick this soon so we can all start sleeping again…

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