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Side Trip


Cole thought he was Superman. He jumped “higher, higher, higher into the air” and went bam! on the edge of the coffee table.


I took him to Urgent Care once Hubz got home to watch the other 2 boys. Three lovely little stitches in his chinny, chin, chin…and a pediatrician appointment for next week. He got a green popsicle out of the deal, so he was, in his words, “all good”.

Sometimes you just have to laugh

I am exhausted. Tate was up around 3 am this morning scripting away in his room. Now that he and Jake share a room, though, I need to be careful about that scripting. Sometimes it gets very, very loud. Tate has very little volume control. We are trying to work on it, but he’s just a naturally loud, boisterous person. I can’t really change that.

Anyway, his scripting started to escalate. I decided to go in. I popped my head into their room and Tate greeted me happily, “Hey, there, Mommy!”. I put my finger to my lips to signal quiet. I gestured at him to come down off of the top bunk and follow me. “JAKE’S SLEEPING, MOMMY!” (Yes, he shouted it.) Thankfully, Jake snoozed through that. I got Tate out of the room and snuggled into bed between me and Hubz. At first I thought he’d go back down easily. He burrowed in the blankets and did his little going-to-sleep sensory thing. (Kind of like a dog walks in circles 3 times, Tate bounces about 3 times to get comfy.)

He was quiet for about 30 minutes. Then he sat bolt, upright and cracked his neck. *shiver* At the same time, Hubz and I whispered, “Tate, stop!”. Tate responded, “Awww, puppets!” I know it’s a script from watching “Max & Ruby”. Oh yay. He laid down, only to pop up repeatedly over the next 30  minutes or so with a script or a neck-crack.

Hubz grabbed pillows. “C’mon, Tate, we’re going to go sleep in the basement.” I mumbled my thanks and tried to drift off to sleep. I was able to get in a little more rest before Jake moseyed into my room just shy of 6 am. He wanted to tell me that Tate was missing. I relayed the story about Tate’s having a rough night. Jake nodded his head in acknowledgement. “Oh, I get it! Tate was having his brain go crazy!” (Remember, Jake uses that phrase when he is trying to explain how his ADHD is affecting his focus and thought.) I tousled Jake’s hair and hopped into the shower.

A little later I was helping Tate get dressed. He is doing most of it on his own these days, but he still needs a little help making sure everything gets on the right way. As I was getting his socks ready for him, I smelled something a little foul. I asked if someone had passed gas. Of course, all 4 of the male-folk in my vicinity started to giggle. Jake shouted, “I did NOT FART!” Cole giggled, “Someone is stinky!” Hubz immediately said, “NOT me!” Tate giggled and smiled. “I did it. I tooted out of my bottom.”

At least we ended the morning with a giggle…even if it was a little smelly for a bit!!

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