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10 Things

I have a lot on my mind…and a lot to do before leaving tomorrow. Here are 10 things wandering through my thoughts at any given point today…

1. Why can’t I have a maid to do my laundry.
I really hate doing laundry. The task became mine years ago because I am super picky…emphasis on super…about how it is done. That being said, it truly is mind boggling to see how quickly the piles form in this house. Between a 2 y.o. and a son with sensory issues, who can’t NOT play with water, but cannot stand his clothes to be wet, it multiplies. I think the socks and underwear are mating. Like rabbits. And, of course, my favorite jeans, which I want to wear this weekend, are dirty…so laundry it is…

2. Target should have on-site childcare.
Heck, any store should have it. Gone are the days when Cole will passively sit in the cart as I shop for necessities and other various whimsies. Today’s trip was every reason why they should have it. Cole dumped juice all over the cart. When I wouldn’t let him out of the cart in the snack aisles, he became the human “screaming siren”. I caved, let him down, and he was “that kid” who broke a scented candle. Yep. I know when I am defeated, so I ran to the nearest checkout. He escaped, and began to make a phone call on a red phone at the next cashier station. Argh!

3. If I can maintain my weight through the holidays, I will be ever grateful.

4. My van looks like a hobo lives in it.
Wrappers from snacks are wedged under seats, the trash can (yes, I have a trash can in my car) is full to the brim, the floor is suspiciously stained and smells like fermented juice, an empty water bottle sits in the console, I have loose change in the door handle and ash tray, and I have a roll of paper towels and a box of kleenex wedged up in the front by me. Oh, and a thing of baby wipes…just in case a kid needs a sponge bath.

5. Whoever said children on the spectrum don’t have empathy has never met my kid.
Yesterday Tate didn’t mean to, but he hit my knuckles with a stick. I yelped. He asked if he could kiss it to make it better. Take THAT “specialists”!

6. This parenting gig is a lot more stressful than I ever gave it credit for being.
‘Nuff said.

7. I want to go back in time to when we booked our vacation and smack myself upside the head.
While I know that Disney is going to be magical, why, oh why did I decide to do it now?! I have 3 weeks to get Christmas bought, wrapped, and secreted away. I HAVE to be done by 12/16. Crazy!

8. I miss my mom.
This is our second holiday season without her. Last year the holidays were so soon after she died that I was just powering through..almost in a fog. Now that I know I can make it through, I really miss her. All of it…just miss her and her love of the holidays. *sigh*

9. Nothing can make me smile like the sound of my kids’ laughter.
I really think there is something sacred about a child’s laughter. It can melt any frown and does a heart good. Even in some of my darkest moments, one of their giggles is like a hand reaching out to pluck me from despair. I am so lucky.

10. I need more caffeine!
Between Tate’s typical sleep issues and Cole’s cold-induced sleep issues, I am running on fumes. I would love one good night of uninterrupted sleep. Just one. Until then, good ‘ol caffeine will have to do. I will accept all forms…coffee, tea, chocolate, and pop. I need an IV drip…stat!

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