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Tuesday Ramblings

Sometimes I’m just not sure what to write about. The boys are older, and they want to keep so much more to themselves. Or, well, I know how I would have felt at 12 to have my mom blabbering on about my antics and cute phrases and ways of problem solving. I would have rolled my eyes and been SO EMBARRASSED if she said too much. So, discussing Jake is difficult for me. I will say, 6th grade has turned out to be much better for him than I ever could have thought. I am relieved…and worried for what 7th grade will bring. But isn’t that always the way?

Tate is almost 10. TEN! Gaah! Again, when I was 10 there were things that would have made me flush with unease if my mom shared them. Granted, less would have bothered me at 10 than at 12, but it still would have been cringeworthy to hear her talk about some of the changes going on with my body, my brain, my relationships….I could go on. This year, I have heard from several of Tate’s support staff that he is much more engaged, much more talkative, much more….happy. Considering the roller coaster that 4th grade has been, I will take these little victories. This is a big transition year. No longer a *little* kid, not quite a *big* kid…just kind of stuck in limbo. The academic expectations are greater. Parents and teachers, alike, expect more maturity. Independence has been a buzzword all year. And for a kiddo who is not quite at the same developmental level as others, well, independence is hard, yo.

Cole is plowing through first grade. I can’t get over how mature his face has gotten this year. That baby face is gone. *sniff* It is also such a different experience with Cole. EVERYTHING is a different experience. He is much more typical than not. I often find myself asking teachers and other parents if this is “typical”. I don’t have much to compare Cole’s experiences to, as his brothers’ trajectories are just different. I’ve been assured that Cole is exactly where he is supposed to be. Of course, I will always be vigilant and watching out, but I find myself worrying less about development with him, and more about how he deals with peer pressures and wanting to be accepted and all of that jazz. (Honestly, that gives me more gray hair and worry lines than the other issues, at times…)

I am doing okay, too. The winter, while not anything like the past 2 years, wore on me. We all had the stomach flu this winter season. All five of us. That was horrid. I hope we don’t do that again…ever. Then came the colds. And strep. And colds. And sinus infections. Let’s just say that I will be so very, very happy to see spring-like temps and weather this week, and going forward. We need “Cold and Flu” season to bid us adieu…SOOO done!

Despite all of the battling of germs that we have done, I have been relatively consistent with my exercise. I get in about 35-40 minutes during each weekday. Weekends are a little more relaxed, but I still get in most of my 10,000 steps. With sports starting, I will likely get up and move more…walking the fields, lugging chairs and coolers and umbrellas and sunscreen.

I am hit or miss with my quest to lose weight. I want to be healthy and lean…but damn, cheese and french bread and cookies are soooooo good.  I am working on using moderation!! Ironically, I find myself using “if, then” in terms of my diet. “If I eat well 5 days during the week, THEN I can have a treat on Saturday…” HAH!

I am also trying to let go of things I cannot control. This is SOOO hard for me. I want to CONTROL ALL OF THE THINGS. This is a work in progress.


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