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My brain is going a mile a minute these days. I was up at 4:30 this morning, and honestly, I’m still not tired because the adrenaline/anxiety is propelling me through my day. I cannot believe that my boys have T-minus 5 days until the first day of the 2014-15 (that looks so weird…doesn’t that look weird?!) school year.

I think I have a slight sense of how my boys’ brains work at this moment. I get through one task, only to be reminded of three others that need to get done as I’m working. I have a list about a yard long (that is NOT hyperbole), and I am trying to check everything off of it before 8:35 a.m. on Monday. Also, I start a task, get sidetracked, and forget where I was with the prior task. It.Is.Maddening!!!!

Tomorrow we go to the Meet the Teacher/Principal Day. Typically our teachers aren’t around, but this year is different. Due to the nature of the world we live in, our school was remodeled over the summer so that every outside visitor is funneled through the office. It is much safer. However, the school has been closed and off limits since June. Teachers were JUST allowed into their classrooms on Monday afternoon, a week prior to school starting. Crazy, right?!

So, my guess is that we’ll run into a few teachers while we are there. The kindergarten team will be in their rooms. Cole will bring his supplies into his classrooms and meet his teachers. That’s right. TeacherSSSS. He has one teacher for his “typical” morning class and a different one for the afternoon. Trying to get him to remember the names of each is proving to be a lesson in patience for me. Oy!

It is imperative for my boys to see the changes at the school. Their therapists are in different rooms. Jake’s orchestra classroom was moved. The music room was moved. The office and nurse’s office are in different places. It’s going to be chaos. Absolute chaos. Oh, and it will be a zillion degrees with no air conditioning. Ugh.

Which brings me to my next random thought. We have had a very mild summer. I am totally cool with that (ha, see what I did there…mild summer- cool, ahhh, I kill me). Of course, Mother Nature decides to turn on the oven to FULL FREAKIN’ BLAST the few days before school starts. It’s going to be hot, humid, and disgusting in our boys’ school. What the heck, Mother Nature?! What.The.Heck?!?!

I am also in the middle of labeling all of the school supplies. Good gravy, my children have a lot of supplies!!! I have 6 boxes of crayons, 4 boxes of markers, 3 boxes of colored pencils, 3 boxes of Ziploc bags, 5 boxes of Kleenex, 3 pairs of scissors (2 lefty, 1 pointed righty), 13 black pens, 6 red pens, 12 dry erase markers, 2 dry erase board erasers, 2 school supply boxes, one pencil pouch, 4 pink erasers, 3- 24 packs of pre-sharpened pencils (I bought Up & Up…Ticonderoga is riDONKulously expensive), 6 highlighers, one binder, 17 plastic folders (5 with prongs, 12 without), 8 wide-ruled one subject notebooks (in red, blue, yellow and green), a pack of paper plates, 20 glue sticks, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Oh, and I’m off to order 2 pairs of sneakers online because our Kohl’s didn’t have the boys’s sizes…and to order a few Primary Pencils. Because, according to the 16-year old at Target, “uhhhh, like, uhhh, noooooo one uses THOSE anymore.” Please, do tell that to the kindergarten team at our school. They are requiring them for Cole’s class. Gaah! Amazon, here I come!!!!

Oh, and on top of all of these tasks, I did my boys’ yearly letters to their team, wrote emails to the team, established Tate’s school/therapy schedule, and fought with transportation to get Cole on the bus, which he should be riding, because they left his bus schedule blank.

If you need me, I’ll be in the den labeling folders and such. If I don’t emerge in a week, send help!!


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