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I’ve been neglecting my poor blog. To all of my followers, I am so sorry. I have been so consumed with being a parent and all that goes with it that I haven’t taken much time to write lately.

Let me bring you up to speed….

Part of my absence is due to my trying to get into better shape. I signed up for a couple of classes at the Y during the week while the boys were in school. I tried to walk if I wasn’t working out. I need to get more active. Of course, this eats into my chore/errand time…and also takes away from my writing time….because otherwise I have a preschooler who is by my side asking a bazillion and one questions about everything while I try to write and it gets super annoying. Also, when I try to write at night, I am exhausted and lose my train of thought, or I am interrupted by a child who needs something. It’s a perpetual cycle….

Hubz was in China again…for two weeks from mid-May through June 2. It was rough not having him home during a chaotic point of the school year. It was even more frustrating because he was gone over 2 weekends–one of which was Memorial Day weekend. However, I have learned how to accept some help. That is still not easy for me, but I know that for all of us, it is necessary. My sister, Auntie K & her hubby, Uncle J, took the boys on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. I didn’t have any major plans, but I got to get a coffee, walk through the local shops, and enjoy a salad that no one else would want to eat. 

My in-laws took the boys the following Friday so that I could attend my inaugural book club meeting. A bunch PTO moms got together and decided it was a great excuse for getting away from the chaos at home. We discussed THE FAULT IN OUR STARS over some appetizers and the Blackhawks game. It was a great night out…and much needed.

Oh, and the wine fairy visited while Hubz was gone. She’s REAL, people!!! A lovely bottle of Shiraz was magically delivered to my doorstep one afternoon with a gift tag. I like the wine fairy. She’s awesome. I know she’s a she because, well, she helps a sister out, know what I’m saying?! I don’t like drinking when I am the sole responsible adult, but I did enjoy one glass with a little seltzer spritzed into it…refreshing!!!!

Also, while Hubz was away, we had our end of the year meeting to discuss Jake’s IEP and his current status. It was an odd meeting. I brought Uncle J with me, as he had attended a prior meeting as an advocate for us earlier this year. He knew the points that we were adamant about maintaining in 5th grade. Really, though, it was a non-issue. Aside from a concern raised by the OT (?!!) about the efficacy of the assistive technology bridging the gap academically (gen ed teacher disagreed–she sees progress), it was pretty much a rah-rah, Jake is doing better meeting. He’ll attend his home school for 5th grade…and I think that our major battles lie ahead as he is up for re-evaluation in January…and then we plan for transition to middle school, which, to be honest, has my knees knocking with anxiety.

Tate is ending the year on a good note. His super-huge explosion of language has leveled-off, but I’ll take it. Overall, he has progressed beautifully this year. He is going to participate in all 4 days of ESY for 5 weeks this year. In the afternoons he will be doing ABA. Once he is done with ESY, we will add morning sessions until school starts in the fall. He will have his phenomenal teacher again. She will be out on maternity leave the first couple of months, but will be back by Thanksgiving, at the latest.

Cole is ready for kindergarten. I cannot believe that my baby, MY BABY, is going to kindergarten. I’m sure there’s a crisis brewing in me as my baby goes off to kindy…but really, right now, I am so excited for him. He’s so ready. He loves to be with peers his own age, he is super inquisitive, and he’s coming along with letters, numbers, etc. 

I am enjoying the fact that my kids are getting a little older, a little more independent. I like sending them into the backyard to annoy play with each other while I get a few things done in the house…even if it is just to read a little of my book or sit down for a minute without someone needing me for something.

We have a busy summer planned…and I will try to get that written down soon…but just wanted to let the world know that I’m still here…still alive….just really, really busy. 


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