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Feeling Funky

I’m in a funk right now. Not a deep one. Not a bad one. Just a funk.

Hubz has been back from China for a week and a half. He still isn’t back on schedule. He’s been waking up most days at 3:00 a.m. I am a light sleeper. When he is up, I wake up. Tate had a cold last week, so his sleep patterns are all askew, as well.  This all means that *I* am not sleeping well. Sleep deprivation and I, while well-acquainted, do not mix well. I have no motivation. I am muddling through. And now I have a tingle in my throat which indicates that I likely will be sporting the cold that my children had last week.

Every time I go into a store, I am lambasted with Christmas. I enjoy Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but since October 25th or so, it’s been ALL CHRISTMAS, ALL THE TIME. I’m kind of, sort of, already sick of Christmas Carols, and we haven’t hit Thanksgiving. I have no super ideas for anything to buy anyone..and I feel like it’s harder and harder to shop for family. Our parents just buy what they want and need. Our lives are so busy these days that getting together regularly with sisters and brother-in-laws just doesn’t happen, so we don’t spend time talking about “stuff” as much…so finding an appropriate gift can be difficult. I asked for ideas and got shrugs from my niece and nephew. Aside from Cole, who has a list that’s twice as long as he is tall, it is really hard to buy for my kids, too. Tate still loves Doc McStuffins, but his obsession with all things Doc is going away. (This is good and bad.) Tate really doesn’t ask for anything, either, so it’s hard to figure out what will motivate him to interact with it.  Jake is in that awkward 10-year-old phase where he still kind of likes to play with figurines and toys and what-not, but at the same time, they kind of seem babyish. And he really isn’t too into any particular game (ahem, Minecraft). He plays a game on his DS or our phones or iPad for about 3 days and then is on to something else. And God forbid I get a book. The terror! The terror!

I need to deep clean the house before putting up our holiday decor, too. I originally had thought I could get some of that done this week, but I’m just not feeling it. I have ZERO motivation to get started on any of that. I need to do it…but it’s just looming large over me.

We also have parent-teacher conferences over the next week. Jake’s is tonight, Tate’s is on Thursday, and Cole’s is next Tuesday. I don’t see how anything significant could have happened since our IEP meetings last month, and I am in constant communication with Jake and Tate’s teams, so I think we’re good there…but you just never know. There’s that anxiety component of being a special-needs parent where you just worry about some “bomb” that’s gonna be dropped. And Hubz and I want to ask Cole’s teacher whether she thinks he’ll be ready for kindergarten in August. Socially he is totally there. His academic skills…eh…and he still doesn’t want to write his name. (Although he does know how to spell it now!!)

I have tried to post several times over the past week. Unfortunately, I have been very busy with life. I dropped off some old baby stuff with a friend who is expecting her second child any day. I met my sister for coffee. I had errands to run. I had to clean my house for a play date we scheduled with one of Cole’s preschool friends. Of course, then there was therapy to take children to. And I have a four-year-old who thinks that I should devote my every minute to him.

All of this is the creates the perfect funk storm for me. Hopefully it will end soon and I’ll be back to my usual, happy-go-lucky self.


Comments on: "Feeling Funky" (4)

  1. This is a funky time of year for me too. The seasons changing (and this weird cold/hot/cold weather pattern) doesn’t help. We’ll come out on the other side soon. I know it.

  2. I feel your funk! Don’t worry we’ll all come out of it (relatively) intact. 🙂

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