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Hubz has been gone for 8 days. Eight very, very long days. Thank goodness he returns on Friday. I am almost to my limit.

However, in all fairness to my kids, we are hanging in there. I’m sure it’s a combination of letting go of some of the things (like dusting and vacuuming and what-not), and doing only what is imperative for school and survival (diorama project, decorating a turkey like a power ranger, and cooking grilled cheese and chicken nuggets most nights), but we’re staying relatively sane…except for the one moment on Saturday when I went bananas and yelled at the boys while they created mass chaos in the kitchen. (Picture it…Tate dumped the contents of the vacuum canister all over the floor…dust particles, hair balls, and chip crumbs galore. Jake and Cole were fighting over poster paint we were using for Jake’s habitat diorama project..and proceeded to spill it all over my Thanksgiving-themed table cloth (don’t fret, it is one of those plastic-easy-to-clean jobbies).)

We survived Halloween, thanks to my in-laws’ help.  We roamed the neighborhood, in the rain, I might add, and the boys got their fill of candy. Jake tuckered out pretty quickly. The stress of the day got to him, and I forgot to “boost” him with his medication, so he was fried. Grandma took him home and let him chill out. Tate did 3 more houses and declared that he was “tired of this stuff”. But he was a trooper and walked with me, Cole, and our neighbor to finish up the neighborhood. That’s when the rain started to pelt us sideways. Tate started to complain more loudly, and declared that it was ridiculous. I agreed. My neighbor offered to take Cole to the remaining houses, so Tate and I ran home. He stripped down immediately upon entering the house. Can’t say I blame him….I ran upstairs and quickly changed out of my soggy jeans and wet socks.

Of course, this weekend was the time change. Oh, yay. I tried to keep the boys up late on Saturday night. But at 9:00 they were all begging to go to bed. You can only play so many games and watch so much tv before you’re just done. Sometime during the middle of the night, Tate crept into bed with me. I didn’t even know he was there until Jake came into my room at FOUR FREAKING A.M. GAAAH! Then I was up. Ugh. Yesterday was rough…we were all kind of “off”. We were hungry at weird times and tired and really, I think we’re sick of each other. I rounded up the crabby troops, and we went outside.

Luckily, I was able to rake leaves while the boys played with the neighbor kids. They were outside for two hours. I got them nice and tuckered out. Which stunk when it was 6:30 p.m., and they were all, “Can we go to bed, now??”. I pushed them to 7:30…and they all promptly went to bed, except for Tate, who scripted for another hour. But then he dozed off and I had about a half hour of peace and quiet before I couldn’t keep my eyes open and decided to go to bed, too.

So, we’re muddling through. We have a short week–the boys are off of school on Friday. I hope we can get through the next few days without any major incidents. We have our typical busy schedule, but we should make it. I am very glad, during weeks like these, that my children are creatures of routine. We have a system, and we use it. And we don’t dare mess with it…at least not while I’m flying solo.

A few pictures from our past week…

Cole Power Ranger

Cole as the White Knight Power Ranger–with Ninja powers (He wanted me to make sure everyone knew that.)

Tate McStuffins

Tate McStuffins…I think the shoes were his favorite part. Cuz they were “purple” like Doc’s.

My Yeti

Jake the Yeti. Grrr! And I don’t care what Hubz says, the pants are NOT the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story.

Starbucks red cup

A little holiday cheer?? On November 1st I got my first Gingerbread Latte of the season. Mmm.

The South American Swamp

The infamous South American Swamp Diorama. Trust me. My kiddo knows his animals..and that brown animal? It’s a Capybara…a large rodent found in South American swamps. It’s an herbivore. And its natural predators are pumas and caimans. (Also found in this diorama.)

The power ranger turkey

Gotta love when we get homework. Yesterday I helped Cole disguise his turkey as the Red Power Ranger. He’s a bit obsessed with those guys. Heaven help me.




Comments on: "Muddling Through–with some pictures at the end!!" (3)

  1. Sounds to me like you’re doing an awesome job.
    We had to do that turkey assignment last year. It was fun. Ours was hangin’ 10 on a beach.
    Power Rangers are a big thing with Ace too. He was the red one for Halloween this year and got happy whenever we ran into others while we were trick or treating.

    You’ll be fine till Friday 🙂

  2. My husband is away a lot and with the two boys I go bonkers sometimes!!! I feel your pain!

  3. Whew, 8 days? I probably wouldn’t have time to sleep, let alone construct a blog post. 🙂

    B was a Red Power Ranger too! During the summer I *almost* had them doing a “joint” costume (Woody and Jessie) but that crumbled when he saw the Power Ranger costume at Costco. Boys!

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