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Not alone

I know I am late in writing about the events that transpired around Issy Stapleton. Like another blogger posted, I have a lot of thoughts going around in my mind, and sometimes it’s hard to get them all sorted out and written down in a coherent manner. Also, I have three children who require a lot of my time and attention, so finding time to sit and write has been difficult.

Like so many other people who are in the autism blogging world, when I started to see Issy’s tragedy pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, I felt sick. I felt angered. I couldn’t believe that a mom could do…THAT. A mom whose blog I had read multiple times. A mom who I thought was so strong. A mom who seemed to want nothing but the best chance for her autistic daughter..and who fought tooth and nail for her daughter and services. Who, like so many of the rest of us, hit roadblocks and frustrations, but who persevered and tried to find another way. And then…and then…

It is devastating to think that anyone would think that murder is the only answer. Our kiddos, especially our special needs kiddos, trust us. They depend on us. To breach that trust and dependence by attempting to take their lives? It’s unconscionable. Murder is wrong. Period.

If you’re struggling with your kiddos needs and behaviors and the dang schools and the system and insurance…and you are feeling like you’re in the rabbit hole of despair…start clawing out. Please. Don’t give up. Don’t ever believe the dark whispers of depression. Depression lies. It isn’t totally hopeless. There is ALWAYS another way. You are NOT alone. Someone can help you…someone will have another idea. Another way.

Since I started blogging in late 2011, I have found SO MANY other parents (mostly on the Interwebz) who can sympathize with what I live on a day to day basis. None of us has exactly the same path…but ours are similar enough that I know that when I need it, I can rely on any one of them for support. Any one. They may not know all of my intimate details, but I can guarantee that they really don’t care. If they know that I’m struggling…they will stop to help me. I will do the same. You can always, ALWAYS, leave me a message or go to my Facebook page. I will be there for you.

No one else knows what we can do when we put our collective voices together. We need to start working together to make sure that we do not keep reading about tragedies like Issy’s again. Because one is just too many. Who’s in this with me???

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  1. Auntysocial said:

    Really quite surprised at the negativity and anger towards this girl’s mother because even though I don’t condone what she did for a moment, I really empathised with her sense of utter deflation and total loss and could well imagine how that one last thing just tipped her over the edge.

    Talking to someone about your feelings when you’ve been doing that for over a decade and to anyone and everyone that will listen only helps to a point. When you’re fighting a losing battle with every health, medical and education psychologist you cross paths with and hitting brick walls on a daily basis, talking about it all again after and knowing it’ll still leave you, your autistic child and other family members in the same place is even more exhausting.

    God yes, if anyone feels they’re at a point where something like this could seem like the only option – do something. My worry is that every day, a staggering number of people have tried doing something – failed and still continue to be overlooked and failed miserably by the very people that should be helping them. 😦

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