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Summer Time Blues…

Hi out there!!

I got off the blogging track, so to speak, when we took our vacation, and it’s been difficult to find time or my groove, since. I’m trying to cope with my own high anxiety, while managing that of my kids, as we enter the dog days of summer. It isn’t going so well…and I find myself struggling a bit.

Writing my blog is cathartic for me, so hopefully I’ll be able to get here more. I need to make time! We’ll see, though…starting August 5th through the 25th, I’ll have all 3 kids home with me. Tate should have ABA, which should give me some time (Cole and Jake play very well together), but who knows…

I am steeling myself for the next couple of weeks. That anxiety beast will be lurking in every corner of our house. We have a load of back-to-school activities to get through. AND we’ll be trying to squeeze in all of the fun summery stuff that we haven’t managed to fit into our schedules yet. Routines will be shot..and well, none of us really do well with that. Especially my two oldest children.

Oh, and the ABA saga…I gave notice to our ABA provider today. I put it off as long as I could. I really dislike conflict/terminating relationships. Even bad ones. But, I did it. Tate’s last day with that company will be August 23rd…unless there is some policy they have somewhere that says otherwise. (I couldn’t find anything, though, so I think 4 weeks notice is sufficient.)

Now I am all nervous about meeting our new provider. We’ll meet on August 15th. But we have already talked on the phone, as well as emailed back and forth. I have a good feeling about this one. I really do.

I am still waiting to hear if there is a snowball’s chance in Arizona of Cole getting into a morning preschool class in our district. I am currently worked up over how I’m going to manage to get my children from 2 different schools at the same time. It will work itself out, but I am perseverating. Oh, and I fluctuate from feeling good about putting Cole in a 5-day-a-week program to feeling like a bad mom. That mom guilt. It’s awful!

Oh, and like so many other kiddos on the spectrum who are not used to so much free time, Tate is more stimmy. He’s more scripty. He is sensory seeking all.the.time. I am running interference between him and his brothers…who try to be understanding, but who also need their own stims and quirks to play out to keep their shtuff together in this “free” time of summer. 

On the upside, the weather has been relatively pleasant. Fall-like, but pleasant. I like lower humidity and cooler temps. I feel much more human (and my hair doesn’t look nearly as homeless). I would be fine with our temps hovering in high 70’s-low 80’s for the rest of the summer season. Really, I would.

So, the short of it is that I’m going to try to blog more…and we have a lot going on, just like everyone else….c’mon school!!!



Comments on: "Summer Time Blues…" (4)

  1. Change is never hard for anyone, especially giving notice. Usually 2 weeks is sufficient so you should be fine. Good luck withe upcoming stretch before school starts!

  2. Like you I’m perseverating on some stuff but I’m so not ready for school to start yet. Too much to do before then and I’m loving the fun summery stuff and I’m freaking out about 2 different school drop offs and pick ups. Hang in there with your good hair 🙂 Mine is a permanent mess due to all the time we’ve been spending at the pool.

  3. Hi hon. I’m sorry to read that you’re struggling. Summer is just so hard on all our kids and throw jugging two more into the mix? Well, you have my respect, certainly.

    Hopefully, the school transport thing will work itself out. I used to collect another little girl in Little Miss’s class and drop her off at the sitter as a favor to her mom. Maybe you could find someone like that who drives by your house? Hang in there. Hugs. And I hope to hear your voice again soon.

  4. The summer is never easy and you are doing the best that you can…I think we all are. Just keep your head up – we’ll be here to hug you when it gets a bit tough

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