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Full Time Job

I was talking to a neighbor yesterday, who was flabbergasted by the amount of work it takes to do my job. She was amazed by all of the calling, emailing, following up, driving around, and over all persistence towards achieving goals that I have to do to ensure that my kids get what they need. I know that I sometimes get judged by my neighbors (who work, at least part-time) because I’m just a stay-at-home-mom.

This is not a sit-on-the-couch-and-eat-bon-bons-and-read-PEOPLE-all-day job. Oh, no. I am the bug up therapy director’s behinds. I am emailing teachers and principals and therapists to discuss behaviors and progress (or lack thereof). I am checking calendars and squeezing in therapy and appointments as I can. I am managing several different disciplines and personalities every.single.day so that my kids can succeed in this world. On top of that, I do all of the regular stay-at-home-mom things like volunteer at the school, help the PTO, manage a household, and try to hold on to some semblance of myself.

While I’ve been a full time stay-at-home-mom, I have really begun to appreciate all of the skills I learned while working outside of the home. The organizational skills it takes to keep my house afloat are amazing. Then there’s the multi-tasking that is necessary while I do laundry, clean up kid messes, put away breakfast dishes, and pay bills. I’m also a negotiator, mediator, therapist, triage nurse, and short order cook. I have to deal with all different groups of people and plan accordingly. I am a task-master, a problem-solver, a teacher and a trainer and an event planner.  I make sure I stay relatively within my budget, and I deliver results to my stakeholders (those 4 guys whom I love so much).

After we chatted a bit, I heard the words, “That’s a full time job. How do you do it?!”. Well, just like everyone else, I do what I have to do. I make sure that what needs to get done gets done. I’m not perfect. I screw up. But I pick myself up and start over when things don’t work out. Yes, it is a full time job. But I’m a grownup. Life isn’t supposed to be cushy and easy. She has to go into an office every day of the week…my office just happens to be at home. 

I am not going to lie. There was a huge part of me that relished the fact that she was so shocked. It made me feel vindicated. I am busy…just in a different way than she is. I think she can appreciate that a bit better now than in the past. And, thus, my job here is done…well, not really. I have a ton to do today…so off I go!!


Comments on: "Full Time Job" (5)

  1. It’s good to be appreciated. 🙂

  2. When I’m around anyone who sees me with my little ones I always get the “How do you do it?” question – I actually got it yesterday when on a play date – umm…I just do, just like you do it with yours. So go ahead, feel vindicated. I’m not a stay at home mom – I work full time and worked full time and attended school when the kids lived with me and you know what? Being a mom is a full time job – going to work is an escape!

  3. Auntie K said:

    What you do on a daily basis amazes me! Did you happen to mention that your job doesn’t allow vacation or time off. It’s never ending….and those boys appreciate every bit of having a full-time mom. 🙂

  4. We all do what we gotta do. With that said, I admire you for being able to juggle everything so well!

  5. Mom2MissK said:

    The real question is… after all this — when are those lazy-arse husbands going to hire us a secretary?!

    You go, mama **offers up fist-bump**

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