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Tate has a crush. He has had little crushes on girls on the past, but this is full-blown. It started last week. He kept saying that he wanted “A” to come to our house. On Thursday,  his aide reported that he was trying to hold her hand. All day. 

Yesterday we were on a field trip with his class. I was able to observe Tate, aka, My Little Casanova, all day long. He and “A” held hands as we waited to board the bus. He tried to sit with her, but then mean old Mom came and made him sit with her! (I am awful, huh?!) 

Once at the zoo, Tate held “A”‘s hand again. They walked hand-in-hand through the entrance and then up to the pachyderm house. By that point, we could feel the heat from the day starting to set in. “A” pulled her hand from Tate’s. He tried to grab it. She turned and put her back to Tate. The aides stepped in and asked her to use words to tell him, because he might not understand. “A” told Tate that his hand was “too hot” and she didn’t want to hold it. Tate pouted. But he did refrain from holding her hand.

We walked our way through the hoofed animals, and made our way to the Bear/Bison area. We attempted to get a group picture in front of the bison. Tate made his move. He grasped “A”‘s hand in his. She held on momentarily, before shaking him loose, again. He tried to grab it, and she said, “No, Tate.” He started for her hand, again, and I said, “Tate, respect her words.” He listened and backed off.

As the day went on, Tate still wanted “A” to hold his hand, but he was feeling uncomfortable due to the heat, too. He started patting her hair instead. I stepped in, once, to correct him, but noticed that she didn’t mind his gentle gesture at all. So I let him pat her head as needed, and she was also allowing his pats to continue. 

On the bus ride home, Tate asked 5 times, “I have “A” come to my house. Ok, Mom?” I told him we would invite “A” to our house. 

So, um, yeah…my kid, my autistic son who “doesn’t have a strong sense of connection to peers”…well, guess what? He is totally crushing on a little girl his age right now. And I am on cloud nine. I love that he is seeking out the attention of someone his age..and is quite appropriately doing so. Good things do come in time….


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  1. How adorable! Go Tate! So glad they both enjoy each other’s company. Such innocence!

    • I do love the innocence of it all…I think that is the part I am enjoying the most…because I wasn’t sure if he’d ever have an “innocent crush”…and he does.. 🙂

  2. Mom2MissK said:

    Awww! I love this in so many ways right now. I hope Tate and A have a fabulous play date together!

  3. […] in this community, whether it is seeing your child make it through a dance recital or celebrating a crush on a classmate, I hope you will cherish those special moments, because they will be the fuel that powers you […]

  4. I love it when they make those connections. Especially when we are told that they never will…Just the fact he held her hand – so cute!!!

    Oh by the way, I nominated you for a Liebster Award because well – you just rock!! http://life-wheresthehandbook.blogspot.com/2013/05/liebster-love.html

    I hope you accept 🙂

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