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Six and a half weeks

My boys have six and a half weeks of this school year left. SIX AND A HALF WEEKS!!! This school year has really flown by…wasn’t it just November?! As always, I am prepping for summer way in advance, making sure that all bases are covered. I registered Jake for his math and reading “skill retention” classes. I secured his teacher as a tutor again for this summer. He is registered for 4 weeks of day camp once summer school is over. He also is doing a 3-day overnight Cub Scout camp with Hubz.

I am working with Tate’s team to figure out the optimal placement and arrangement for him. Originally I thought we’d do another summer of double sessions of ABA every day, opting out of Extended School Year (ESY). Then I found out that his teacher, who just gets Tate and is able to get through his clutter, is teaching his section of ESY. Decisions!!! This is on top of the fact that he’s really, really starting to make true connections to his peers. He is having conversations with them. He is playing with them. He is using the “poop” talk with them, but it is age appropriate, even if I don’t care for it. His teacher suggested possibly just doing ESY 2 consecutive days a week (rather than the offered 4 days a week), and to go from there. I really think it would be beneficial to him. Now, I have to fly it by our ABA Director. Not sure how she’s going to like that.

I am also trying to figure out some plans for Cole. Our park district runs a preschool camp, which would be two mornings a week, just like preschool has been. I think he may enjoy it…so I need to go enroll him. I am also thinking of enrolling him in a preschool sport…but not sure which one. I can choose from soccer or t-ball. He doesn’t seem to have a real preference, so I need to see which one fits into our schedules.

I know some things will not work out perfectly, but we always have to have a plan, and we have to work on “selling” that plan to the boys well ahead of the actual summer.



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  1. Is it really that close?! I guess you’re right! You are so organized – very impressive. Don’t forget swim as my son would say. The only thing I do have set up definitely for him this summer is swim and drum lessons. Jake sounds most planned out and it’s awesome how all that came together! I think Tate has rubbed off on “Toots” cuz he is now starting up his own stand up comedy about farting… Just starting to see this side of him which I am grateful for except when his wet raspberries hit me in the face (frequently by the way)… I guess I’d better start figuring out the rest of the summer! Thanks… 😛

    • It always sneaks up on me, too. I’m all “yay, I have stuff planned in advance” and then wham! it is here…eek! Good luck planning the rest of Toots’ summer!

  2. SO know the feeling. We have B in one preschool for the summer, but should we transition him to the other place if we decide to do the After-Kindergarten program in the fall?

    {HUGS} to you – it’s not easy!

  3. We’re still waiting to see if our guy gets qualified for ESY for speech. But I’m already disappointed that the one place in the area that offered summer preschool last year isn’t doing it this summer.

    • Good luck! I hope he qualifies! I am disappointed for you…are there any day camps??

      • I’m still looking for possibilities. For eight weeks he will go to a “sensory needs” class that meets two mornings a week. Hopefully, I’ll find some other activities to fill the other times.

  4. Sarah K. said:

    Having a teacher who “gets” him is a treasure. I know from my son how important that is and what a difference it makes. I think if she’s the one doing ESY that would be excellent for him….and maybe some ABA with that? You will figure it out! You are more organized than I am. I never plan summer far enough in advance and get caught scrambling in late May. Good luck with the rest of your plans!

    • It is a complete treasure. We are very lucky. We are definitely going to do the ABA…just need to figure out ESY…he qualifies and it’s his right to go…but need to figure out scheduling! Thanks for the well wishes!

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