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Hello out there! It has been a while since I last wrote….I was busy surviving spring break 2013. We had a good break. It was much needed by all of us. We did have fun, and I think we all enjoyed having some time to just be. Here are a few of our highlights:

1. We survived our trip to the city! We had a great time, and the boys did surprisingly well. They loved staying at the hotel overnight. We took advantage of the hotel pool, as did about 2o other families with children, but it was fun. The kids had a great time splashing and jumping into the water. Hubz and I did realize that we need to enroll Tate in some swim lessons, because, man, he’s getting long and it’s harder and harder to hold onto him in the pool!!

2. We turned the TV off more, and played. The boys really played together this past week. I loved watching them chase and run and scream in glee. My head hurt after a while, but watching them have fun was worth it.

3. Tate engaged in some fabulous pretend play this week. Doc McStuffins and Lambie had races and went to the zoo. They cooked a meal with Tate in our play kitchen, and they performed surgery on Mario (of Super Mario Bros. fame). Tate also had trains from Chuggington that went on a field trip and went on a trip. It was glorious to watch this development.

4. Tate was reading more. It was amazing. We went out for dinner, and before I even gave him options on the kids’ menu, he pointed at the “grilled cheese” and told me that he wanted it. He also pointed to “french fries” and said he wanted those, too. He was reading signs by elevators, “open” signs on stores, and more words in his favorite books, rather than just telling the story from rote memory. Also? He wrote the words “kitchen” and “Lambie” a few times for us on his dry erase board.

5. Jake rode a bike. For real. He got on the bike, and learned how to balance, and then took off pedaling. I am glad that I had my sunglasses on, because I had tears streaming from my eyes. He is 9 1/2 years old, and after 3 years of riding around on training wheels, he finally was ready and completely self-motivated to learn how to ride his bike on his own.

6. All 3 boys entertained themselves for a few hours while Hubz and I scrubbed the house in preparation for Easter company. And the TV was off the whole time. They really can find ways to entertain themselves.

7. I took all 3 boys to Old Navy with me while I tried on a few items, and they tolerated it. We went right when they opened and it was empty. And quiet. And Jake and Tate even sat down and colored pictures while I helped Cole pick out a new spring jacket. Who are these kids? They entertain themselves?!

8. We found out my sister is expecting again, and that the boys will have another cousin. All 3 boys want to know if it’s a girl baby. (I think they have decided we have enough boys in the family now.)

9. Jake read two chapter books over break. He was able to read them and tell me what happened. He didn’t WANT to read them, but once he started, he got sucked into the stories…it was fun to watch him enjoy reading so much!!

10. Hubz and I got a date night on Saturday. It was wonderful to have dinner and spend time catching up again. It was a much needed break from “the chaos”. We are incredibly lucky that his parents are so wonderful about taking the boys for us!!



Comments on: "We survived Spring Break" (6)

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! And yay for date night!! 🙂 I’m glad it all went so well for you.

    • Thank you! We had bumps in the road, too…don’t get me wrong, but right now I’m trying to focus on the positive. 🙂

  2. A Spring Break full of win! And how about the bike thing! That’s awesome.

  3. That is a successful spring break! Love all that pretend play and Jake on the bike! The weather must be improving. Love that you had a great trip and that you’re back. Missed reading your stories. xo

    • I missed being in this space…and we did have some not so great moments during break, but I am trying not to get stuck on those right now….Yes, the weather is improving..thankfully.

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