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Happy Dance

I got some of the best news today. After 6 months of back and forth with the HR representative at his company, Hubz got word that his insurance plan is being updated. The company is coming out of the stone ages, and will now cover ABA therapy for autistic children, regardless of age. That is correct. No age limits will be placed on ABA therapy. Hence, Tate will be able to continue to receive therapy after his 7th birthday next month–which was a huge burden of worry for all of us.

Hubz and I are not “squeaky wheel” types. We much prefer to mind our own business, put our heads down and get our jobs done. However, when the welfare of our child is in play, well, we find inner strength that neither of us knew existed. I guess our kids do bring out the best in us at times.

And…now that we know that he will have coverage of ABA therapy, we are thinking about changing ABA providers. I know…I know…we already have 18 months under our belts with the current provider. However, let’s just say that there are some huge gaps and frustrations (lack of communication with the director, absence of team meetings, gaps in hours requested, etc…) that are driving our thought process. It will be a pain. It will not be easy. But something tells me that there HAS to be a more comprehensive provider out there. There has to be. Also? It is very eye-opening when a current therapist comes to you and says that, off-the-record, she has an ethical dilemma with the way that your child’s therapy is being handled…and that she feels he is being short-changed in the therapy department. Yikes.

Hubz and I have some research to do, some decisions to make, and some butts to kick…but rest assured, we will do what we think is best for our kid. That much I can guarantee. Now, off to do some more of my dance of joy….truly feel like I’m walking on sunshine here. (Ironic, since it’s 20 degrees here today.)


Comments on: "Happy Dance" (4)

  1. I love hearing good news. I’m so happy for you guys.

  2. Congratulations! Awesome news.

  3. I’m so happy for you! What a difference- going from wondering whether you’d continue to have coverage at all to selecting the best provider… It’s so nice to hear good news!

  4. Sounds like great news! It usually feels like we are at the mercy of our employer when it comes to things like health insurance choices. What a great relief this must be. Good luck on switching providers – so great to have the choice! We had some issues with ours last summer, but fortunately we were able to work it out. I’m sure you’ll make all the right decisions for your son. But first, sounds like a glass of champagne is in order. 😉

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