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What’s on your mind?

I love how Facebook has a nice little prompt in the status update section now. “Lisa, what’s on your  mind?” I don’t think my Facebook friends really want to know everything that is on my mind right now. Ya know?? But, this is my space, so, I think I’ll get out the top five worries/topics right now.

(1) Cole is currently obsessed with Transformers. Everything is Transformers. Ugh. I don’t have the strongest visual-spatial skills, so putting those darned things together is a pain in the neck. Plus, the shoddy plastic is often on the verge of collapse while I try to force the “arms” and “legs” back into the vehicle mode. Also? I am so tired of watching the Transformer Rescue Bots show on The Hub network. But, Cole being three and all, well, we watch them over, and over, and over again….

(2) Tate and Cole fight about everything and anything. I know siblings bicker. I know they try to annoy each other until one crumbles…I am a sibling, myself. However, I never realized how exasperating and exhausting the bickering is from the parent’s end. Holy moly, kiddoes! On the one side, I know I should be incredibly grateful that Tate interacts with his siblings enough to have a “typical” relationship with them. On the other, forthesakeofallthingsholydoyouhavetofightoverthesametoyagain?! They fight over the “spot” on the couch (Tate is very much like Sheldon–“you’re in my spot.”), they fight over what show they can watch, they fight over books, they fight over transformers, they fight over legos, they fight over Doc McStuffins. Trying to teach compromise to an autistic 6 year old and a tyrant of a 3.5 year old is not as easy as one might think….my patience is wearing thin.

(3) Tate and Jake are still struggling at school. Tate is very impulsive and silly. He’s in a great mood and has the zest for life that we all know and love, but attending in order to learn has been near zero. Of course, with all of the schedule changes at school, as well as the snow day on Tuesday, well, he’s just a dysregulated mess right now. We’re trying…we really are…but I’m wondering if this med is just not “it” for him. Jake was having some tics again. Nothing severe or painful or very noticeable to the untrained eye, but I know my Jake…and he was twitchy the past two days. Of course, there is so much pressure on the kids to do well on these darned standardized tests…I know he’s very anxious about that. His anxiety seems a little higher the past couple of days..but again, change in routine, change in schedule, change, pressure to do well…yeah…not so much fun. I have a meeting with Jake’s teachers tomorrow morning…..and another pit in my stomach.

(4) I am struggling to keep up. Bills get paid, house is presentable..not clean or sparkling, but presentable, everyone is fed and cared for…but I’m just not motivated to cook more than an easy casserole or do anything to snazz up the house. I’m lucky if the laundry makes it from the folded piles on the couch downstairs to the bedrooms upstairs. The kid hand-smudges on our windows and TV are back…just can’t seem to keep them off of anything. I do it, and an hour later they are back again. Pffft. And it’s high time I vacuum and dust…but, *sigh* it’s extra work…and I’m exhausted. (I will vacuum, though. Crumbs everywhere set off some OCD.) Oh, and my healthier eating is floating in the water. It’s not quite dead yet…but it’s gone downhill. I love my comfort food right now. Give me carbs. Give me Girl Scout Cookies. Give me chocolate milk (I can be a 6 year old girl, sometimes.) I have done at least 30 minutes of exercise every.single.day since November, so there’s that….but the better eating…welllllll, not so much. (But I have managed to give up pop (soda) for Lent…which is a huge bonus for me!!) I’ll find my motivation again…I will. This cold, snowy weather we’ve had lately certainly doesn’t help.

(5) One of these days I need to have a date night with Hubz again. We don’t get much time right now to hang out and chat and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve been busy with work, kids, cleaning, avoiding a coup from the boys, and volunteering. We all had colds, and it looks like another round is starting again…but maybe later this month we can aim for a night off together…out of the house.

Well, that’s all we have time for today. I have to run out to get Cole from preschool, dash to the library to return a very scratched Transformers DVD and let him pick out a different one, rush back home to eat lunch, empty the dishwasher, put dirty dishes away, and possibly sweep the kitchen floor before we have to scurry back to the elementary school to pick up Tate for ABA therapy. Cheers, all! At least today is a sunny, bright day!!


Comments on: "What’s on your mind?" (6)

  1. You definitely need to be on the lookout for a coup. Those rascals are always plotting!

  2. I hear you on Date Nights – we need them too but there is always “something” that trips us up. There are times that I just look up how much it will cost for a parent’s getaway, you know, just to dream. 🙂

    • I like to dream, as well. Ahhh, a get-away….oh well, guess the couch after the kiddoes’ bedtime will have to suffice for now. 🙂

  3. You’re so funny. That’s right, I see humor in this post! Look woman, compared to me you are sooo June Cleaver! We have something sticky on the kitchen floor. I tried to spray wipe it up but – uh – missed a few spots! ;0 What can I say? Who knows what the hubz is doing when I’m not in that kitchen….

    Tests will be over soon! And, I’m afraid I went looking for some girl scouts and sadly – I found them… I’m fighting to keep the boxes well hidden from myself except for one day a week. And btw, what is this “date night” of which you speak? 🙂

    • 🙂 The comparison to June Cleaver has me rolling…thank you for seeing humor in my post! 🙂

      “Date night”…if you look it up, it’s something that is almost as elusive as Bigfoot, The Lochness Monster, and, at least in this house, a good night’s sleep. 🙂

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