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Schedule Mayhem

Today Jake is sitting for his first state assessment test. Oh yay. (That “Oh yay” should be read with the deepest, heaviest amount of sarcasm that you can muster from within.) This will be my family’s first experience with the test. 

In addition to the TWO WEEK LONG testing schedule, the daily routine is shot to pieces. For typical children, this may work out fairly well. But for my children, it is a nightmare. Jake has been anxious for a week about these tests. He is worried about the actual test. He is worried about doing well. He is worried about his teachers and us, his parents, not being proud of him. He is worried that he is eating lunch earlier in the day. He is anxious about the fact that he isn’t taking the tests with the rest of his class. (His IEP allows for one-on-one administration, as he talks his way through the problems on the test. He also gets extended time because he needs to process the questions being asked.) 

Tate is also impacted by the state assessment tests. His grade swapped “specials” times and “lunch/recess” time with the third graders. These first graders have to adjust to specials (art/P.E./music/library) first thing in the morning and a 1:00 lunch time. 1:00 lunch time for first graders, who eat breakfast early so as to be at school by 8:30, is asking a lot. The teachers are allowing for 2 snack breaks in the day for the first graders, but it’s still a big adjustment. Additionally, because the specials were changed, Tate is getting two weeks of art classes (he typically misses art because we pull him early for ABA), and he will only have lunch with his class on Wednesday and Thursdays. (He gets released later on those days for therapy than the other 3 days.) His therapy schedule is all jazzed up right now, too. He is getting group therapies that he sometimes misses, and is missing individual therapies that he needs.

The teachers have done their best to prepare the kids for the changes. They talked about it, and Tate’s teacher used visuals to help the class see how it would be different. Hubz and I talked about it a bit over the weekend, as well. Last night, Tate woke up at 1:00 am. ONE IN THE MORNING. He was unable to fully fall back asleep. He’d doze off here and there, but he never fell asleep for more than a half hour before waking up again. Hubz and I were poked,jabbed, climbed upon, and kept awake with much echolalia. 

We are a day into this mess, and I am feeling overwhelmed. I guess we only can go up from here….and I hope we do. Two weeks of this is not appealing to me, whatsoever. And then, once they get back to their regular schedule, they will have 5 days and be on Spring Break. No rest for the weary….literally.


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  1. Whoa. That is a lot of disruption! I don’t know if our private school participates in state testing but I have not heard anything about it. I have read that you can exempt your child under some circumstances. I know so little about it, I’m not much help but it sounds so awful for your whole family that it seems there should be some kind of exemption available. Even if there is though, that’s not much help to Tate as he gets his schedule all messed up as well. 😦 These changes of routine are just hard no matter what. I guess it’s just good that he has you to turn to for comfort and support. I know it’s got to be very hard on you with the lack of sleep and all, but your strength will give your boys strength in return and together you will all get through it! Sending you big hugs! xo

    • It is a lot of disruption. I am sure there is a better way to handle it for the primary kiddoes who don’t even need to take the tests. *sigh* I need to research the exemption…but for Tate, I believe he will get an “accommodated” version of the tests when he is in 3rd grade. Bleh. I am not a fan of standardized tests….thanks for the support. It means a lot. 🙂

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