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Mostly Wordless Wednesday

We had brunch with Santa on Sunday. It wasn’t our first time, so we’ve been able to make it a little easier for Tate over the years. The best part is that Santa was in a private room, and only one family at a time was permitted into the room. It’s quiet and there wasn’t too much stimuli other than Santa and a tree.  Tate was a little whiny at the start because Hubz was not able to attend with us. However, we had a little help from the big ‘ol jolly elf…he parked his helicopter right outside of the window where we were seated. Tate was occupied for over an hour while checking it out. Whining stopped. Double bonus? Said helicopter was red…Merry Christmas to us!!

IMG_0177 Cole and Jake are ready for the festivities to begin. (That’s my dad, by the way…)

IMG_0170 Tate and Auntie K are enjoying some stimmy fun!

IMG_0182What to our wondering eyes should appear??

IMG_0187 Why, it’s a red helicopter (notice Tate covering his ears?) and no reindeer!!

IMG_0188 SANTA!!!!

IMG_0193Tate is checking out the propellers on that thing. (Not sure who the other kid is…we were photo-bombed!)

IMG_0206Because it was 60 degrees outside (highly unusual), Cole and Tate went outside for a closer look.IMG_0196Cheesin’! That’s my little nephew on the left..isn’t he cute?!

IMG_0210Me and the boys

IMG_0221 I can be a helicopter, too. Look at my propellers!

IMG_0231 Ummmm….I really, really want Spongebob Superhero Legos. Ok?!

IMG_0236Um…this guy’s beard is scratchy, I don’t know him, and he smells weird. Can I be done?!

IMG_0238Why, yes, Santa, I’ve been good all year…wink, wink..nudge, nudge

IMG_0255Watching the helicopter get ready to go back to the North Pole.

IMG_0256 Let me try this angle….if I tilt my head, it sounds and looks different.


Comments on: "Mostly Wordless Wednesday" (5)

  1. I like Santa’s sleigh. Very impressive!

  2. I love the pics. Makes me want another little boy 🙂
    LOL @ you getting photo bombed
    And yes, the nephew is super cute.

    • Having three boys is always entertaining…when it’s not frustrating. 🙂 Thanks about the compliment on my nephew. He’s got the chubbiest, most pinchable cheeks!!

  3. Love the red helicopter! The boys look soooo cute in their dress clothes, and you look gorgeous! What a fun event! Toots loves helicopters. Wish we had something like this. It’s awesome!

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