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Weekend Highlights

We had a pretty good weekend. Thanks to an in-service day at school, the boys had 3 days off. Thanks to a considerate hubby who took Friday off from work, I wasn’t a mess by Saturday.

We didn’t have any spectacular plans, but we had some great moments. You know the ones where you think of them days, weeks, even months later and a big smile crosses your lips? Yeah…we had some of those.

On Friday we rented Madagascar 3. Jake had seen it over the summer with Hubz’s parents, but the other boys didn’t go. The movie was fairly enjoyable, and it held the interest of all 3 boys for most of the time. The best part? Tate getting down with his bad self and dancing like no one was watching during the “Firework” song. Considering that song has always reminded me of Tate, the fact that he was grooving out to it made it that much more special. Also? The way he shook his head and arms around at the end during the closing credits. It was just awesome.

Saturday was a pretty good, laid back day. The boys slept in the basement, so no one really came to bother me until later in the morning. I got to lay in bed until almost 7 am. It was glorious. While laying in bed, I got to snuggle with Tate and Cole. It was great–even if Cole kept trying to pry my eyes open and Tate played Angry Birds at a volume that would wake the dead…but still, we giggled, and talked, and had some good connection time. I loved that. A few years ago, it would have been difficult to do that…but not that morning.

While I took Cole to visit my dad, Tate and Jake stayed home with Hubz. They did activities that didn’t center around the tv. And they liked it!! Tate got to run on our treadmill. He can book it–he was going at a speed of 4..and wanted to go faster!! He was jogging, apparently, and loving every minute of it. I think he likes the input that he gets to his joints when he runs on the treadmill, and he gets the endorphins from the exercise. Jake used his new archery set. He did pretty well. Hubz was so excited. I was impressed that Jake was willing to pull himself away from the tv! Hubz said Jake actually suggested going outside–so score one for Jake!

Cole loved the attention at my dad’s house. He got to have candy, a cookie and a juice box. Auntie K and Uncle J were there. He got their mostly undivided attention. My youngest sister, Cee, was there. She brought my nephew. He is sooooo freakin’ cute…we have always called Cee “hairball” because she has a head of hair. Thick, beautiful dark-brown hair. I have always been jealous of it. It isn’t frizzy. It doesn’t kink up. It just lays perfectly in a bob or long layered cut. *sigh* Anyway, her son has the same hair. He is pretty much ready for his third hair trim. And he’s only 5 months old!!! Cole got a little jealous when I held Nephew, but he did get most of the attention from the other adults, so it worked well.

Yesterday we were all in a fog and haze from the time change. My two older boys were up at 3:40 in the morning. That is not a typo. THREE FORTY A.M. I could not get them back to sleep. So we just laid in the dark while Tate thrashed and scripted. Jake snorted in my ear a few hundred times due to his cold, and kicked his feet. He tried to get up so he could watch tv about 20 times. I had no patience. I came back to my bed around 5:45. I let my 2 children watch tv. Hubz went down to monitor the situation. I had just started to doze off again and Cole was up. So, I made my way downstairs to get some coffee and deal with the chaos.

The Sunday paper was pulled into the house and we started to pick it apart. Hubz went to the Sports section first. I dove into the ads. Thanks to a certain holiday that is coming in 50 some days, there were tons of toy ads. My kids, Cole, in particular, swooped in and started labeling just about everything as something he wants for “Kissmiss” or “Birfday”. I told him he won’t get everything on his list. He roared at me. Too tired to care, I let him go about making his list, and I checked out what Target had for sale this week. After a bit, I made my way upstairs to shower.

The boys got ready for Mass without much fanfare. We didn’t have to plead with Jake or Tate to wear a “nice” shirt or pants. They willingly put on their nicer clothing and brushed their teeth. Oh my goodness, they are growing up!!! Cole, on the other hand, had a sensory meltdown. The tag in his underwear was too ouchie. His pants were too scratchy, the shirt I chose had a “yucky” tag in it. *sigh* After 20 minutes we settled on an acceptable outfit for Sunday School. It also was virtually tag-free and the socks weren’t too tight.

For one of the first times, ever, Tate asked to leave the “play room” at the church. The “play room” is technically a nursery. It is for younger children, up to age 5. Many older kids are in there on any given Sunday, but typically it has been a quiet sanctuary for Tate during Mass when he cannot attend. The past few Sundays, however, some really wild children are in there. He can handle loud…he cannot handle loud, screaming, running, unpredictable younger kids who try to grab his favorite toys from his hands. Tate doesn’t do that kind of chaos. He asked Hubz to leave..and he made it through half the Mass.

It was difficult for Tate to participate in the Mass, but he did his best. He swayed to the music while we sang. He even clapped a little bit (and, um, we are not a “clapping” congregation).  He was relatively quiet–using his softest voice during the consecration and the prayers leading up to Communion. He stood when we stood. He did shout “Mrs. Social Worker” to the girl in front of us during the sign of peace…as he was unfamiliar with participating in that part of the Mass and had no clue how to respond to her outstretched hand and “peace with you” comment. But it wasn’t nasty. And he didn’t try to hit her. And he wasn’t shouting. To us, it was a win. I had to stifle a giggle when he tried to stretch his arms out like the priest did when he prays, and according to the Catholic Church, he turns the bread into the body of Christ. That vision will never leave me. We got a giggle from the elderly lady sitting next to me, too, so I am glad he didn’t offend.

We made it through the rest of Mass. We made it through getting Cole from Sunday School. We made it home. After some down time, though, I had the meltdown. I lost my temper during lunchtime when Cole took a bite of my lunch, decided he didn’t like it, and spit it all over me. I yelled. Hubz yelled. I stormed upstairs. I know I behaved inappropriately. I came back down once I was calm and apologized to my kids. To my Hubz. We moved on with the day.

When I got back from the store, Tate and Cole rushed to greet me. I lugged my groceries into the house and began to put them away, all the while dealing with an upset Tate because I didn’t get the “purple squeezy” juice. Hubz had bought some the day before, and there was no need for me to buy it again. But in Tate’s mind, when I say I’m going to the grocery store, I need to get “purple squeezy” juice. *sigh* As I turned to ask him to stop whining, I noticed a big scratch on his nose. I asked what happened. “Cole hit me.” I asked how he hit him. “Wif the screw driver stick.” He seemed unfazed by it.

Cole was sitting at the table, perusing the toy ads from the morning paper. I asked him if he had hit his brother. “Yeah. Sar-wee.” I asked why he hit Tate. “Assident. Sar-wee.” Hubz came up from the basement. I asked if he knew what had happened. He looked like a deer in the headlights. “They were roughhousing…but he was fine.” Hmm. Neither of the boys was talking much about it. Tate seemed ok, so we let it go. We did tell them to be careful and to not hit each other. Cole hugged Tate. It was precious. Tate let him. That was awesome.

We all went to bed early last night. Thankfully, we all slept through the night, even if we were up slightly early today. We need to adjust to the time change..and we will…but at least after that crummy start yesterday we were able to get substantial rest last night. Ahhh….


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  1. Thank you for sharing your life, both trials and triumphs. The title of your blog and your posts convey the reality and honesty of your life while keeping laughter and hope alive.

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