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Short and sweet

Two adjectives that could be used to describe Jake. They can also be applied to our IEP meeting today. Yes, I said it. Short and sweet.

Jake’s IEP meeting took an hour. That is it. An hour. The team agreed that he qualifies for special education services due to his trifecta of speech/language delays, his math-specific learning disability, and his OHI- ADHD. We were very happy about the OHI being added, as that was the only component missing before.

We went over his goals. The areas that I found confusing had been tightened up and reworded. They made sense and are reasonable and measurable. He has goals for all of the areas that the neuropsychologist targeted as weaknesses. There are concrete goals in place…and I know he can do it.

Jake’s team really does have his best interests at heart. His resource teacher (special ed), the therapists, and his general education teacher all COMMUNICATE. They talk about areas of weakness and WORK TOGETHER to see how they can help him succeed. They are willing to make accommodations for him, and they try new strategies if the old ones aren’t helping. It probably doesn’t hurt that our son is so short and sweet…people want to help him, and they want to see him do well. As a parent, it was fantastic to see a group of people so committed to helping my son make gains.

We all agreed that Jake is just happier this year. He’s more confident, more willing to try new things, and he’s in such a great place. He is self-advocating, and he’s using the coping strategies that he’s being taught. Knowing that Jake’s in a good place helps me and Hubz be in a good place. We can see that our investment in getting him an evaluation and the right mix of therapies and school accommodations is really helping him. He’s experiencing success..and he’s so much less frustrated.

Progress is amazing. To see your kid enjoying school and being comfortable enough with the adults in his life to make leaps and gains academically, socially, and with language? That is priceless. Gives us hope…and the hope keeps us going, and fighting, and advocating, and encouraging….


Comments on: "Short and sweet" (7)

  1. Lots to like here. Glad it went well.

  2. Yahoo! An hour? Wow! That’s unheard of! 🙂 so happy you are all on the same page.

    • Hubz and I kept looking at the clock in disbelief!! We are so relieved that Jake’s IEP went so incredibly smoothly. Makes me nervous for Tate’s next week…eeek

  3. There is so much to be grateful for here! A short IEP with agreement and genuinely supportive district staff is a blessing. After all the prep work you did, it’s great that Jake is getting all he needs and growing stronger and more confident! What a great ending to the week! 🙂

    • We have tremendously supportive staff. Our boys are very lucky. It is a great ending to the week…I hope that our luck continues with Tate’s IEP next week.

  4. […] Well, as anyone who has a child with and IEP knows, IEP Season is never over, but our annual meetings have been held and are in the record books. Shew. That bluster of air? That’s not wind..that’s Hubz and me exhaling. This year our IEP meetings went fairly well. There was give and take, discussion, and some really, really good plans put into place for each of our boys. I had updated on Jake’s IEP meeting here. […]

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