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Photo Friday

I am feeling exhausted today. Some of it is dealing with the ups and downs of Tate’s anxiety beast, and most of it is because I stayed up until quarter ’til 11 last night watching a few shows on my DVR. Cole sounded his “Mom! Mom! Mom!” alarm at 5 am, and the other 2 boys heard it and joined him in our room. So, instead of any major writing, here are a few photos from our week…

Tate with his “buddies” at soccer last Saturday. He was having a lot of fun running up and down the field. My favorite part, however, is when he got disappointed about having to share the ball, so he sat in that goal and played goalie for a bit.

Last Sunday, September 16, was the two-year anniversary of my mom’s passing. I took Tate and Cole to the cemetery with my sisters, nephew, and dad. While we cleaned up Mom’s headstone and planted a mum (and the ashes of her beloved pug), the boys hung out on this bench, which is just a few paces from Mom’s final resting place. As I took this picture, Tate and Cole were saying “hi” to their “Grandma Mary in Heaven.” Believe what you will, but I believe that my boys have an amazing guardian angel up there rooting for them and keeping them safe.


Please ignore the pile of kid crap in my garage. I was trying to get a picture of Tate in his harness for the bus. This harness has been a source of Tate’s anxiety. He hates that thing, and he knows that it makes him “different.” He has asked repeatedly to take it off. To get it removed, I had to ask his teacher to do an amendment to his IEP. I got my amendment, signed and dated, last week. The change was supposed to go into effect yesterday. As of this morning, his bus driver has not received the amendment, so she cannot remove it from him on the bus. I called and left a message for the head of transportation. The bus driver said that as of this morning, the transportation office had not received anything. I need to contact the Special Ed Coordinator now. Nothing is ever easy.


I love Target. I prefer to go shopping there by myself, but those opportunities are far and few between. When I have to take the kids, and most specifically Cole, I try to corral him in a cart. He only agreed to ride in a cart on Wednesday if I used THIS behemoth. I’m fairly certain that I need a CDL for this thing. Also? It needs a bumper sticker for “wide turns”. And I *may* have taken out an end cap of toilet paper while shopping. That was fun.



Finally, I Hubz and I live in a “quiet” neighborhood in suburbia. We purposely chose our neighborhood and community because it seemed to be tucked away among some of the bigger suburbs and the hustle and bustle. We were happy to find a house on a “quiet” little cul-de-sac.  Once we moved in, we realized we had some, um, interesting neighbors. Their son was 11 back then, and would drive an ATV, unsupervised, on mounds of dirt behind our houses (they were building a new subdivision). Today, said son is 18. And drives a monster truck. And does demolition derby and stock car racing on the weekends. And didn’t go away to college. See what we’ve been greeted with every day for the past TWELVE days?! Staying classy here…staying classy. Oh, and much like the honey badger, our neighbor doesn’t give a $#!%. He’s been ticketed and still parks it there.



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  1. Long ago, we had a neighbor whose kid would come home every night between 11-12, blasting hip-hop music around the corner where our house was. Every.night. It was terrible. I know how that feels – but the neighborhood (minus the car) looks nice…

    The harness has to go!! Dumb school district – ugh!! That makes me so mad for him and you!! The silly little hoops that have to be jumped through.

    Tate looks adorable on the soccer field. It’s so awesome that he’s participating!

    I know all about going to the cemetery – it’s never easy. I send you hugs and I know too, that the boys have a great guardian angel with them always. xoxo

    • Thank you…we love our neighborhood…just not the car. Luckily, he got ticketed twice and took it away. Yesss!!!

      Thanks for the hugs…I can feel them. 🙂

  2. Lots of great photos! Keep up the good fight with Transportation. If things don’t get resolved, might I suggest a call to the mayor’s office? Those Target behemoths are fun. Our local grocery had race-car themed carts for kids. Veronica would stuff both kids in there, and wheel them around while they occasionally stuck their hands out the window for snacks. Fun times. Not quite as cool as the demolition derby car parked in your neighborhood, but hey, can’t win ’em all.

    • Transportation finally came through last Monday. Tate has thoroughly enjoyed his vest-less trips on the bus!! Those behemoths are even more fun when you’re five-foot-nothing. 🙂 Yikes..I can barely see over or around them!!

      I know, we’re living the dream here…demo car and all…

  3. Ha! “I may have taken out an end cap of toilet paper” — love it! Those stupid carts are such a pain… luckily, I’ve convinced Little Miss that they are only for families that have more than one kid!

    • Unfortunately I was unable to convince Cole that we couldn’t use it because I only had him with me. Ugh. Yes, I created a “clean-up on aisle 7”. Fun times. 🙂

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