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It’s getting real in here, folks. Tate brought home his spelling words for the week. He also brought home his weekly poem. My kid has official homework. Not the if-he-gets-it-done-then-great stuff. No. The this-needs-to-be-done-each-night-for-a-grade variety of homework. Like, I have to sign off on it every night. Wish us luck, as we’re going to need it. These two pieces of homework are very similar to programs he does with his ABA therapists. He doesn’t generalize these activities well, so I will be fighting him nightly.

His spelling pretest made me chuckle. The teacher read the words, and Tate’s class had to write them down. Since Tate’s handwriting is abysmal, the aide wrote it, as he dictated it, then he had to trace it. The correct spelling is written next to his version. He didn’t get a single one right…I’m not surprised.  He can READ each of these words…but that’s because he can SEE them and has memorized them. Spelling is going to be a challenge for him…he will memorize it all visually, but his auditory processing is not so grand…so, well, this is going to be rough. I need to look into a few spelling apps. Makes me long for my Speak and Spell from years ago….

Tate’s version is on left. The aide wrote the correct version on the right.

The poem looks innocuous enough. It’s only a few lines, and I know that he knows all of the words. Again, because I am usually the one who reads TO him, he is going to be frustrated when I ask him to read the poem to ME. Additionally, both Tate and Jake have their reading minutes each night. I have been reading books to Tate, and ask him to tell me the words that I know he knows. You’d think I’m asking him to recite the Preamble to the Constitution by his reaction. I’m such a mean mom.

I think Tate’s teacher got a copy of my Facebook post from 3 weeks ago….

All things aside, I think that Tate will, on some level, enjoy having homework of his own. He lingers around the table while I help Jake out with his, so I’m sure he’ll get a sense of accomplishment with having his own to do. Of course, the juggling of two kids and their homework needs will not be much fun, especially when their 3-year-old brother decides that he’s not getting enough attention during those homework times. Jake needs constant reassurance with his homework. Tate will need reminders to stay on task. I have to babysit them while they do it at the kitchen table. Add in our extra-curriculars, religious education, and therapy, and good grief, I think I’m going to have an anxiety attack.

I know I’m not the first parent to ever have to juggle..and I won’t be the last. I’m simply confronting  my denial that my kids are getting older and the demands on them are increasing. It is really pushing me out of my comfort zone…but that’s another story for another day. Now, now I need to formulate a plan for this homework that is sitting on our counter…eek!!


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  1. Thankfully, homework has gotten better for us, but it used to be a huge problem. Ryan would rush through it impulsively, making tons of mistakes. So he’d end up having to re-do things, which made the whole miserable process take longer, which made him angrier and …. well you get the picture. But we eventually addressed it through his IEP, asking for accommodations that made sense. Assignments were chunked into reasonable segments. We got reductions on some of the “nightly minute” tasks. Later, he was allowed to type things. All of his teachers agreed that if homework was causing behavioral issues at home, we did not have to force him to complete. The accommodations made a huge difference, and his anxiety dropped as a result. Like lots of stuff, it’s a careful balance between figuring out how far to push him so that he can progress, and making some reasonable accommodations so we could all stay sane. None of it is easy. I wish you luck.

  2. Weird! I’ll be getting homework for Toots after school today too! And lucky (?) for me there is only one child I have to work with! (Sometimes he seems like three!)

    From the letter from his teacher, I will also be getting spelling words and a reader that I have to sign off on nightly. One thing for sure- he will be working for computer time! For Toots, when he has trouble spelling a word I will make up a little tune for it and sing it to him. He will sing it back and he learns fairly quickly this way… just a thought. 🙂 Just knowing I”m not alone on the homework trek – makes me feel better already!

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