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First Day Success

With my boys’ academic history, we’ll take any victories that we can get. Today we’ll chalk up in the victory column. Here are 10 ways in which today was a “success”.

1. The boys slept through the night. They had a little over 9 hours of sleep, each. A good night’s sleep will always help start the school year off the right way.

2. All 3 boys ate what I made them for breakfast. No whining, no trading, no bargaining, no dumping it in the sink proclaiming that it was “disgussing”.

3. Jake and Tate wore the semi-matching outfits I laid out for them. Tate tried to tell me his shorts were “too squicky”, but he couldn’t offer me an alternative, so on they went…

4. There were no tears from the older two boys during our annual picture-taking torture extravaganza. They smiled, hammed it up, and made the best of their weird mom’s requests.

5. Tate minimally self-wedgied himself this morning as we waited for the bus. Anxiety was lower than I expected…and he even helped buckle himself into his seat once the driver got here! (Because so much else has changed for him this school year, Hubz and I decided that riding the bus to school was a good constant for him. He likes it, he gets door-to-door service, and he avoids the chaotic mess that is the front of the school building. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.)

6. Cole and I went for a walk and visited 3 different parks while the older two were in school. He had a mini-tantrum about not going to preschool today (he starts after Labor Day). We went to the park next to his school instead. That sufficed. Once our park circuit was complete, we came home, hopped in the van and made a Starbucks run. It was nice escaping the confines of my house at my leisure for the first time on a weekday morning in months.

7. The boys only had a half day, so I picked them both up from school. Both had smiles when I saw them. Jake’s teacher said that he had a great morning–followed along, paid attention, kept the pace. Tate’s teacher said he transitioned well and complied with the requested activities planned for his class. SCORE!

8. We encountered a few boys from Jake’s grade. They are not in his class this year, but he has been in their classrooms before. Without prompting, Jake said hi to each boy, or responded when spoken to. I swooned with pride. This is a huge step for him!!

9. Jake and Tate were more than happy to share their day’s papers with me. I had to ask once, and only once for their folders. Jake excitedly told me when Art Class will be, and that he gets snack at 10:30 every day. He has late lunch this year. When I asked Tate about his “specials”, he said, “Thanks, not now.” Ok…at least he was polite and let me know that he didn’t want to talk about it. I imagine it’s a bit overwhelming…

10. Finally, when asked if they were ready for their first full day tomorrow, both said, “ok”. Considering their language disabilities, I’ll take that to mean that we are set for launch into the 2012-13 school year! As Cole would say, “Wheee-haaa!”

We made it!!






Comments on: "First Day Success" (6)

  1. This is def a successful 1st day. *whew* Only 9 more months to go. 🙂

  2. So glad they boys had a great day and yay for you getting a few hours to have for yourself and your little one. You’re boys are so cute. Love the pictures!

  3. Those boys are adorable! Jake is a ham sandwich! Tate looks so sweet and Cole is a doll!

    I get the same reaction from Toots when I ask him stuff- “Stop talking mommy!”

    I’m glad Jake was sharing and sounding so into it all. Such a big third grader now! And all those new awesome school supplies are getting put to good use! 😉

  4. I have a first and a third grader too! My youngest is almost three. How cool is it our kids are so close in age? And the boys are adorable. 😉

  5. Brooke Graphia said:

    That sounds like a MORE than successful day

  6. Yay, you can’t ask for a better day than that!! I’m crossing my fingers that our first day back goes that smoothly.

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