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Happy Dance

I don’t have much time to write, but I wanted to give a quick update. Yesterday I waited in line with several of my closest fellow residents to prove that we live where we say we live. In reward for waiting in our line (which we were told was half as long as it had been earlier in the day), we got to find out teacher assignments, schedules (for older kids), and bus schedules.

As I approached the table for our part of the alphabet, I had butterflies battling it out in my tummy. Please, oh, please let Jake and Tate get good teachers. Please, please, please, God, if you’re listening, please let Tate be at our home school. I got to the front of the line. I handed the kind woman our forms. She pulled our packet out of the box. Insert halting record…

Um, we don’t have record of Tate’s registration papers. Did you fill them out?

Yes…I did. The district cashed my check, so they got our packet.

Weird..well, we’ll walk over to the Help Desk as soon as I prove your residency.

Ok. Here’s our mortgage statement, our water bill, and my license.

Perfect. You’re “proven”. Ok, let’s get these papers checked out.

I was led to the Help Desk. It felt a bit like the “walk of shame”. The woman there pulled up our name. No, Tate’s registration papers were not anywhere to be found. I let them know that his packet had been returned to the school where his Early Childhood program had been. They may not have made the transfer to the new school. They had record of our payment, so we’re good. (Of course..they got the money…who cares about my kid being permitted to have his picture taken or using the computers in the school or, well, you know, formally registered. I was told they’ll contact me about the paperwork.)

I thanked the kind woman, and then stepped away to open the envelope. My heart was racing. I felt light headed. I reached in and pulled out the assignment sheets.

“To the parents of:  Jake “Hope”

Your child’s teacher will be:   Room xx– Ms. Tutor”

Yes!!!!!!!!!! Jake got his current tutor for his regular education classroom. Whoohooo!!!! They have established a bond. She has talked with his resource teacher. She knows that he was evaluated for ADHD. She thinks he has loads of promise. She’s impressed with his progress this summer. I couldn’t be happier.

Then I pulled out Tate’s forms.

“To the parents of:    Tate “Hope”

Your child’s teacher will be:  Room xx- Mrs. SpEd Teacher/Room xx- Mrs.First Grade Teacher”

Tate is in the classroom we were told he’d be in for “Instructional First Grade.” He is going to be at our home school. He will be mainstreamed into the second teacher’s class for specials, at first, and ultimately, we hope for academics. That was Jake’s first grade teacher..and she is amazing. She is a terrific teacher.

We hit the jackpot.

Now the real work begins. I have already sent off emails to Tate’s teachers and the principal and coordinator to start working on an alternative schedule for Tate so that he can go to school AND still receive ABA therapy. I am working with the ABA team to make sure we have full coverage on days that he can have therapy.

Today at 3 we meet with Jake’s neuropsych to find the results of his testing. I can guarantee you that tomorrow I’ll be sending emails to Jake’s team regarding his diagnosis and any changes that may be required to his IEP based on his diagnosis.

We’re getting there…we’re getting there….thanks for listening to my rambling and my anxiety-riddled posts. This outlet has been amazing..and it’s so uplifting to have people supporting me here. Thank you all for following our story…for holding me up when I feel like I’m falling. It means the world to me.


Comments on: "Happy Dance" (10)

  1. YAY!!! You work so hard and I’m glad it pays off. *Doing the happy dance for you*

    • We all work hard to ensure the best for our kids. Thank you for your support..and for joining in the “happy dance”. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize how invested I’d become in you getting the teachers you wanted. I teared up when read this!! I’m so happy for you and the boys!

    Now, I’ll just sit back and wait for your other results with you. ((hugs))

  3. You know, something told me things would work out the way you hoped, and I was still on pins and needles for you. This is great news!

  4. I would “like” this post again if I could.

  5. Hooray!!!!! I am so happy for both your guys!

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