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Today we started our second phase of Summer Break. I spent the weekend preparing the boys for their schedule changes. I showed them the calendar. I explained who was going where and doing what. Jake seemed relatively comfortable with the start of day camp–it is his third year. Cole is fighting potty training. Tate’s anxiety levels sky-rocketed as he was able to see the changes on our calendar.

Our preparations for Jake went well. I told him that he will have four weeks of day camp. It’s the same park district day camp that he has attended the past two summers. I explained that he’ll have a few of the same counselors. I threw around a few names of children from his school, who he’d know. I said he’d go from 9-3, M-F..kind of just like “regular” school. I reminded him of the crafts (he loves the artsy stuff), the games (not such a fan), and the beach and park (he got his own swim gear ready!). This morning he was set. He slept like a rock.

Tate is done with day camp. He is back to 5 days a week of therapy. I was able to set up a definite play date for Tuesday, with a possible second one for Thursday. I talked about the boy coming to play on Tuesday. Tate politely said, “No thank you. No play with her.” (We’re still working on those pesky pronouns.) I tried to convince him that it would be fun, and that his therapist would be there to help. He shrugged it off, preferring to play with his Nintendo DS instead. He was a little more fidgety last night. He fell asleep relatively quickly, but was up at 2:30 and up on and off after that. Anxiety. Loads of it. Just because of some “small-ish” changes to his routine. Of course, to Tate, no change to routine is “small-ish”.

Cole is working on potty training. Or, well, we’re trying. I hate potty training. I think I’m scarred after the whole experience with Tate. He was difficult to train. But we got there. Cole has the sensations down, he just prefers to not be bothered by those pesky inconvenient trips to the bathroom. Sigh. He also slept quite well, but let’s be honest, his routine really isn’t changing much at all.

As I prepared the essentials for Jake’s camp experience, I tried very carefully to make sure that all of his belongings were age appropriate. I know I tend to give him some of his little brothers’ water bottles or beach towels at home, but with a bunch of kids who are his age, I don’t want him to feel any more awkward than he already does. The only issue boiled down to the beach towel. I gave him his one from the past 2 summers–a royal blue towel with a shark embroidered on it. He wanted a plain brown bath towel, but the blue shark one is already labeled..and is made for the beach. I hope that he doesn’t get grief for it. If so, I’m going to feel awful. I just found a non-kiddie towel that is also labeled, so we’ll go with that one from now on.

When I signed Jake into camp this morning, his favorite female counselor from last year greeted him with a big smile. She said she was so excited to see his name on her roster again! I started to relax. Jake started to relax when 2 boys from his school shouted his name and waved. He was a little hesitant to join them, but he did. He may be alright. I perused the group he’s with this year. I recognized several of the names. There are several more boys than girls on the list. That is a bit of a change, but for Jake, it’s probably a good one. He needs to hang out with boys his age, who are typical. It’s good for him. I hope he plays with them, since he should know/recognize so many of them.

Tate willingly joined his therapist when she arrived today. They got to play a game up in the living room, and they also had a bit of fun playing outside on the playset. Tate was angling for the park, but there is some direction that the park should only be used for play dates with peers right now. He isn’t fighting his therapist today, and seems to be handling the transitions she is making well.

Cole refused to wear underwear this morning. Because we had to leave the house, I put him in a pull up. Not the best, but not the worst. There have been no accidents on the floor, and he went on the potty when I put him there, but he hasn’t asked me to go, either. We’ll see how the day plays out for us.

I have hope that this next phase of Summer Break will go relatively well. For all of us, I pray there are no major bumps and hiccups.


Comments on: "Summer Break 2012-Phase II" (2)

  1. Sometimes, I think we worry more than our kids do! It sounds like Jake is going to be in the perfect summer camp environment and Tate is going to love his therapy session. As for Cole, I’m thinking Toots still sounds a bit like him. Toots will not tell anyone he has to use the restroom until 2 seconds from being unable to hold it anymore! Cole will get it down fast. I bet you a quarter (not cuz I don’t really believe, but because I’m wealthy like that… 😉 )!

  2. In Cole’s defense, sometimes I refuse to wear underwear too.

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